A sewage leak which killed dozens of fish in a brook in the market town of Waltham Abbey has been blamed on a ‘hideous fatberg’ by Thames Water after they completed their investigations.

It seems that raw sewage seeped from pipes in Broomstick Hall Road into Cobbins Brook on the 11th of September. This was directly attributed to a blockage in a nearby waste water pipe caused by a build up of fat.

The Environment Agency officers on the scene confirmed that the leak had happened and that it had been stemmed by Thames Water workers before they arrived.

A spokesperson for Thames Water confirmed in the Epping Forest Guardian:

“A blockage of fats and oils caused sewage to back up and enter the nearby stream.

“We have been working closely with the Environment Agency to clear this up and save as much of the wildlife as possible but this is an unfortunate consequence of sewer abuse.”

The fish died as a result of being poisoned by the contaminated water. The spokesperson continued:

“They may pour [fat] down the sink easily enough, but when it hits our cold sewers it forms hideous fatbergs, and causes blockages like this.

“When it comes to anything other than water, human waste, or toilet paper – remember to bin it, don’t block it.”

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