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CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV Surveys

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London Drainage Facilities conduct CCTV surveys and SONDE + locating to investigate the cause of blockages so that action can be taken to avoid repeated problems.

When you request a CCTV drain survey in London, you will receive the full report on DVD, along with a comprehensive written document and indicative site plan which is produced using Wincan reporting software. If the drainage CCTV survey shows defects, still images will be taken and an estimate prepared to resolve the problem.

Nature of Problem

You may just be facing a general maintenance issue where drainage hasn’t been cleaned or regularly serviced. Scale and silt deposits form, which require a straight forward cleaning by either high pressure water jetting and/or heavy duty electro-mechanical machining.

However, if your drain survey shows us that the cause of problem is more extensive, like a collapsed drain, we generate a full written report, utilising insurance approved reporting software. This is accompanied by a full video analysis and site plan together with photos of the exact defect and supported by the costs involved in carrying out the required repairs.

Latest Technology including Crawler Units

With the latest drain surveying technology, our specialists are now able to traverse around toilet pans, trapped gullies and numerous 45 degree bends. In addition, we now provide Crawler Units to survey large diameter pipework up to 900mm so no job is too big for us to carry out. In the event that major structural defects are discovered, one of LDF’s technical team will evaluate the video footage and decide on the most suitable and cost effective repair solution available.

Solution(s) and Service

Repairs can range from conventional excavation, insitu-structural lining works and/or point patch repairs. If problems are noted as tree root infiltration, water driven root cutting heads can be used to gently trim back surplus roots, sufficient enough so that lining procedures can be implemented to prevent any future growth.

Our teams provide accurate and detailed information all recorded to either DVD or SD card, accompanied by a full written report produced in Wincan V.8. Software which includes all key information regarding your drainage system and its condition. We also provide a full mapping service, with a follow up estimate for repairs where applicable, and charge fixed hourly rates for our survey work to keep our fees competitive. To discuss the cost of your upcoming CCTV drain survey in London, please feel free to contact a member of our technical team.

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