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LDF install structural lining material to re-instate structural integrity when pipework becomes broken or misaligned.

Our main drain lining and patch repair services include:

  • Structural Lining
  • Localised Patch Repairs
  • Water Mains Repairs

Lining Material and Process

Within pipe diameters up to 600mm, we commonly use Polyester resin based felt liners. Runs of up to 80m in length can be lined for 100 and 150mm diameter pipework, 50m runs for 225, 300mm diameters and 30m long runs for the larger diameters. This liner is temperature sensitive and more suited for use in straight sections. The liner is placed in the host pipe impregnated with resin. An Air Inversion Chamber is then used to inflate the line hose into position; it’s then left to cure. This system is suitable in most sewer refurbishment situations with wall thickness from 2mm to 9mm for structural applications. Robotic lateral cutters are used to open blind connections where applicable.

In the event a defective host pipe deviates, we use an Epoxy Flexi liner which is more suited to the job. The use of a woven polypropylene sock slightly elasticised is impregnated with epoxy resin is blown by air down the pipe under approx. 1 bar of pressure. The liner traverses round bends following the precise contours of the host pipe. Once in position, the resin sets, bonding the liner to the pipe walls. Fractures and open joints are sealed increasing pipe strength and eliminating the chances of smells from leaving cracked pipes and stopping water egress into the surrounding ground.

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In any lining application, the cross section of the repaired pipe will be slightly reduced. However, what’s lost in diameter is gained in flow rate, as all joints, gaps and cracks are eliminated and the new liner has become one continuous length of drain, thus increasing flow pattern. Applications of each type of installation can sometimes be restricted, and normally a free-of-charge site meeting will be required with an LDF Surveyor.

What can cause drains to be damaged?

Without regular maintenance or care, drains can become damaged over time. Blockages can put pressure on pipes causing cracks or burst pipes. Blocked drains can often be caused by offenders such as fat, wet wipes, hair, soap and foreign objects that make their way into drains.

Tree roots are another cause of damage to drains, that can infiltrate drainpipes and cause damage that needs to be repaired. Other causes could be accidents when digging, animals or simple wear and tear over time.

Some clues that drains are damaged might be if you notice your water is not draining as it should, perhaps taking longer, gurgling or producing a smell. You might notice wet ground around the land where your drainage runs, subsidence, structural damage or sewage backups.

It’s recommended to get your domestic drains checked at least every two years to check for any damage and ensure everything is running as it should.

Cracks and small damage can usually be repaired locally by creating a new lining or replacing the piece of piping where the damage is. Our CCTV survey means we can locate exactly where the issue is to reduce disruption.

Drain repair doesn’t have to be expensive, we’re upfront about our prices and hourly rates, and are happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote for the required work so you can make an informed decision. You won’t have to worry about any hidden fees and we always strive to do a fantastic job to get your drains working perfectly again.

We have developed a great reputation for our work which has allows us to expand outside of London and provide our services across the south east. Call us now to arrange a survey and quote for our drainage repairs.