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LDF set-up Drain Maintenance Programmes to routinely remove scale deposits and other general blockage causes to leave drains clear and free flowing. Includes Unlimited Free of Charge Callouts.

Advantages of Regular Maintenance

From experience, we know the only true way of successfully maintaining a drainage system is to routinely remove scale deposits and flush through the pipework. If you have a contract with London Drainage Facilities, our drain maintenance services include unlimited free of charge callouts to all serviced drainage, as well as peace of mind which comes with knowing your annual budget for drainage work well in advance.

How We Can Help

As part of our drain maintenance service in London, we can arrange for an LDF surveyor to visit your premises at NO COST to carry out a site inspection and evaluate your site’s exact requirements. We can then prepare a tailored estimate to suit your precise needs. You will immediately begin to benefit from unlimited free of charge callouts as long as the service plan is in place.

Most of the time, a service clean will be carried out by an LDF technician with high pressure water jetting machinery or a rotating coring plant. Once the service has been completed, our Engineer will report back to you, the client, with the works carried out and any problems if applicable so steps can be taken to prevent future issues.


Drain Cleaning and Descaling

When a Technician from LDF reports that a drainage system has built up either sediment or scale, the common course of action is to descale the relevant section. This involves the removal of all rough edges which might contribute to a disruptive blockage.

Scaled pipes slow the flow of drains, leading to obstructions. Scale forms at an incredible rate, especially in areas of heavy use such as kitchens, urinals, wash basins, WC discharges and underground drains. We have encountered people using chemicals to combat the problem, but this merely slows the process. Also, chemicals can have a detrimental effect on the structure of pipes and seals, which might lead to pipework replacements and is extremely harmful to the environment

By making use of the drain maintenance services on offer from London Drainage Facilities, your company can avoid such a situation. We can provide a free of charge tailored quotation and arrange for a LDF surveyor to attend site to recommend the best drain maintenance programme for you.


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