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LDF often carry out excavations to investigate the cause of drainage leaks, blockages and breakages and also for the purpose of installation and replacement of drainage systems.

Drain Repair to Collapsed Drains or Broken Drainage

A recommendation to excavate can be made following a CCTV Survey being carried out previously on the drainage system, or following a site inspection conducted by an LDF Surveyor.

Repairs to below ground drainage are a specialist job. Should a section of pipework be found damaged beyond repair, our Technicians can locate the fault, excavate down onto the pipework and cut away damaged sections, connecting the new installation onto the existing drainage system.


When a damaged drain requires excavation and repairs, the cost and duration of work can vary enormously depending on a number of factors that include the impact on the surrounding area and required equipment. Once instructed, we will assess the drainage situation, identify the drainage problem and then ensure the most appropriate action is taken in the shortest time possible – and with minimum disruption to the area and environment.

We have invested in the latest excavation machinery that allows for pipe laying and drain replacement services work to be done at the same time as renewing existing systems. Our services are used on a variety of drainage systems ranging from clay ware, cast iron, plastic, pitch fibre and even concrete drains.

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Large or Small Projects

No job is too large or small for us. We work on any and every scale of project, from localised gullies and pipe repairs to major civil engineering schemes on Local Authority projects.

Health & Safety

Our technicians are trained and qualified in line with current legislation and comply with all Health & Safety regulations for excavation works. This includes specialist NRSWA-certified staff that will plan and implement traffic management measures where necessary.

Excavation Works
What is a drain excavation?

Drain excavation is a final stage treatment used for damaged drainage systems. The process involves digging a hole or trench to provide access to certain areas of the drain system which can then be fixed. The hole will be dug manually by the team as sometimes mechanical equipment can cause more damage to the system. It’s a procedure that needs a lot of care and attention, so it’s important to call in the London Drainage Facilities team to assist any drain excavation jobs.

Drain excavation is a method that is used when other methods have failed or are not suitable. Some of the most common signs where drain excavation is required are:

  • Damage to the pipe junction or drainpipe connections
  • Drainpipes are misaligned, cracked or collapsed
  • When drainpipe relining doesn’t fix the problem
  • Earth subsidence
  • Tree root intrusion

The cost and duration of excavation work can vary enormously depending on a number of different factors, including the impact on the surrounding area and the equipment required. London Drainage Facilities have invested in the very latest excavation machinery so that we can assist with a variety of drainage systems, ranging from clay ware and cast iron to pitch fibre and concrete.

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