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LDF install pipework if broken beyond repair, and take care of Manhole Chamber Construction, Manhole Cover Installation and Pipe Access Installation.

Broken Drainage

Our trained Technicians can remove and replace any damaged drainage with new pipework and can also remove and replace drain covers including manhole covers and rodding eye points. Should a section of pipework be found damaged beyond repair, our Technicians can locate the fault, excavate down onto the pipework and cut away damaged sections, attaching the new installation onto the existing pipework.

Inspection Chambers

A key area where access may be a problem is Inspection Chambers (Manholes). Often, these are covered over or completely sealed down meaning you can no longer access the drains on your property. Our skilled Technicians can not only locate and expose such hidden chambers but also excavate and construct entire new chambers to provide another access point to your drainage system.

Our Technicians are also able to carry out a completely new install of pipework to your specifications, connecting entire new sections of drainage onto an existing system.

Drain Accessibility

Accessing drains can be a common problem with many properties, both commercial and domestic. If a problem ever occurs, suitable access is essential to ensure quick and effective action can be taken. Having a rodding access suitably installed onto exposed pipework such as stack pipes allow direct access in order for our Technicians to clear any blockages that may arise. They also provide a convenient place for drain maintenance and drains surveying to be carried out from. Without such an access point, any repairs or blockages that arise may possibly result in a section of pipework needing to be removed.


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