3 Reasons Why Regular Drain Cleaning is so Important

Regular drain cleaning is a service which is designed to clear and flush out your drains regardless of their condition, age, and whether or not you are experiencing any problems. Considered by drainage specialists to be the best way to stay on top of the inevitable build-up of grease, grime, hair, and other foreign objects […]

The #1 Cause of Blocked Drains Across London

As drainage specialists, we are trained to provide an effective and efficient response to blocked and damaged drains. Whether affecting a domestic property, a public convenience setting, or a commercial block of offices, blocked drains require a quick response in order to minimise the damage and cost of the issue. With blocked drains in London […]

A Guide to Drain Jetting – and why we recommend it as a regular service

You would be forgiven for thinking that, until your drains and pipe network present a real and tangible problem, they are running like clockwork with no foreseeable issues. But far under the surface we stand on, our drains are far more likely to succumb to blockages than many of us think, especially with the high […]

The Role of CCTV Surveys in Drain Cleaning

Not to be confused with the CCTV found on high streets and outside private properties, CCTV surveys in the drainage industry are designed to pinpoint, isolate, and help to rectify blockages and extensive damage which occurs deep underground. When it comes to drain cleaning in London, drain maintenance, and drainage repairs, CCTV provides professionals with […]

The Difference Between a Blocked and a Damaged Drain

Homeowners don’t tend to think about their drainage system and pipe network until something goes wrong. We are all so used to plugholes, flushing toilets, and running water that the concept of the drainage system which lies below the foundation of our property feels alien and completely unknown. That is, until something goes wrong and […]

What is a Drainage CCTV Survey?

Sometimes, the symptoms of a blocked drain conceal just that – a blockage which can be broken up and flushed away with the right professional equipment and attention to detail. Having said that, sometimes there is something else going on beneath the surface and underneath your plughole – with extensive blockages and abandoned debris causing […]

What do we use to unblock a residential drain?

Aside from experience and location, one of the main things which separates different drain specialists and maintenance teams is their access to equipment and the standard of tools they use to get the job done. With the industry of drain unblocking in London and beyond growing in demand with more residential properties and houses around […]

DIY vs. Professional Drain Unblocking: Which is Better?

One of the problems with a blocked drain is that the symptoms rarely reveal themselves at a time that you might consider to be convenient. Not only does this make it easy to overlook or forget the issue until the symptoms become more serious but it also means that many homeowners opt for DIY solutions […]