The drainage that leaves your property can have different names depending where in the drainage system the pipes sit. Some people occasionally get these terms confused and use them interchangeably.

Drain ownership responsibility changed on the first of October last year. Here are a few of the common terms used with explanations:

A drain explained

A waste pipe that serves one property only is usually classed as a drain

What is a lateral drain?

A lateral drain is the term used to describe part of your drainage which sits outside your property boundary.

So what’s a sewer?

Sewers are waste water pipes which serve more than one property. These can either be public owned or privately owned.

All private drains are the responsibility of the homeowner, as is all drainage within the property itself. If any of these drains become blocked it is thus up to the homeowner to choose a suitable drainage company who will be able to deal with the problem.

Most drainage problems are fixed quite easily by either jetting the pipe to remove the blockage. Call in the experts here at London Drainage Facilities if you are experiencing a blocked drain!

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