Sector: Commercial

Client: BAM Nuttall Ltd

Project Location: Heathrow Airport Tunnels

Duration of project: 1 month

London Drainage Facilities were delighted to win the tender for a ground-breaking project at Heathrow Airport. Our client, BAM Nuttall Ltd, had been working there since 2014, upgrading the main tunnel into the Heathrow central terminal area. The client renovated operational safety systems including ventilation, lighting and fire suppression alongside more structural engineering work including road resurfacing.


London Drainage Facilities were approached to remove concrete blockages from the drainage systems within the tunnel. Up to 500 cars travel through this tunnel every hour as passengers arrive at the airport, so it was essential that our work was coordinated to run throughout the night. Each side of the dual carriageway tunnel was closed at a time, with traffic diverted to the other side as we progressed with the task.


We were initially approached by BAM Nuttall Ltd who had already had a CCTV survey done to locate the concrete within the drainage system. The next step was for our Operations Supervisor Craig Norton to attend the site to provide a full overview of the works we could provide and discuss how Picote Concrete Removal services would be the best solution for the project.

Following a series of financial, as well as health & safety PQQs to become approved, London Drainage Facilities were offered a 1-night trial run which we passed with flying colours. We continued the project through to completion, which took 1 month.

Picote Concrete Removal is a powerful and highly efficient method of breaking down concrete, as well as grout, slurry and large rocks. It entirely removes any blockages along the way with the use of twister brushes, a heavy duty 3mm metal panel and a front drill head with star carbides. By working one chamber at a time and strategic resurveying with CCTV technology, we were able to record the blockage and ensure a successful clearance in each affected area. We also used high pressure jetting to flush water through as needed.

As the project required our team to work antisocial hours, we followed a strict timetable for the month to make sure that our operatives had plenty of rest. The team only worked nights and rested during the day with everyone arriving on site by 7.30pm for a briefing before work began at 9pm. A full rest was given between midnight and 1am, with works continuing until 4.30am.

Following the successful completion of the project, BAM Nuttall Ltd invited London Drainage Facilities back to work on additional Heathrow tunnels.

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London Drainage Facilities Provides Picote Concrete Removal for BAM Nuttall Ltd at Heathrow Airport
London Drainage Facilities Provides Picote Concrete Removal for BAM Nuttall Ltd at Heathrow Airport
London Drainage Facilities Provides Picote Concrete Removal for BAM Nuttall Ltd at Heathrow Airport