Drain Jetting

A Guide to Drain Jetting – and why we recommend it as a regular service

You would be forgiven for thinking that, until your drains and pipe network present a real and tangible problem, they are running like clockwork with no foreseeable issues. But far under the surface we stand on, our drains are far more likely to succumb to blockages than many of us think, especially with the high […]

Unblocking drains blocked by fat

One of the most common problems drainage engineers in London face when they attend a drain blockage is the build-up of congealed fat. Although drainage companies spend thousands of pounds trying to educate homeowners regarding the items which can and which can’t be disposed of down the drain, every year thousands of drains become blocked […]

Drainage problems solved using drain jetting

Most drainage pipes work for years with little problem. Most of us just pour bleach down the drain on a regular basis and that is where our relationship with the drain ceases. However when a drainage problem raises its ugly head it can cause significant problems and thousands of pounds of damage. Although many people […]

Removing blockages using high pressure water jetting

In many drain blockage incidents the blockage will be in an exceptionally hard to reach place. Because of this the drainage experts in London rely on a drain cleaning method known as drain jetting. Drain jetting can be used to break down and flush away debris found in the drainage system, which can be a […]

Drain jetting London services

If you live in London, you’ll be aware of the problems caused by frequent drain blockages. Drain blockages and hence repairs in London are a common occurrence, as the Victorian sewer system struggles to cope with the ever increasing population. Drain blockages in London are a common occurrence and can cause untold problems for the […]
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