Drain Maintenance

How can I stop my drains from regularly blocking up? LDF’s pre-planned maintenance programmes may be the answer!

A free site inspection from an LDF surveyor could help resolve recurring blocked drains. Drains across London have to cope with heavy usage and, for a variety of reasons, can often become blocked. London Drainage Facilities offer a free site inspection carried out by a trained LDF surveyor to determine what the problem is and the root of its cause. Offered as part of our drain maintenance service, the initial inspection is carried out at no cost.

London drainage company attend sewer problem in Loughton

Residents in Loughton were concerned recently when black slurry started to seep onto a green space close to a public pathway in Forest Road. The sewage spilled onto a green area which is used by dog walkers and played on regularly by children. When the spill was noticed by local resident Tom Richardson, he immediately […]

Trenchless technology pipe repair

Drainage problems can be tricky to solve, that is unless you have your drains assessed and then repaired by a local drainage company in London. Drainage companies in London perform all kinds of maintenance tasks, from drain jetting to root removal. However, in many cases the drain which leaves your home may be damaged and […]

Using trenchless technology to remove roots from drainage pipes

One of the most common problems faced by drainage professionals is root intrusion into drainage pipes. Roots work their way into our drainage by finding small cracks or fissures in the pipe’s surface. When they enter the drain they quickly multiply due to the easy to access source of water and can eventually stop water […]

Drainage problems in North London

Blocked or clogged drainage can happen at any time and anywhere, which is why many people rely on the services of a reliable drain cleaning company to help them out when a problem occurs. For instance, kitchen sinks are commonly blocked by the accumulation of food debris and grease and fat, whereas bathroom sinks and […]
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