A waste water company has just released details of some of the random finds in its sewer network since the Christmas period. Yorkshire Water officials have been fishing unwanted Christmas gifts out of the sewer system since the beginning of the year, with cuddly toys, Lego, novelty socks and a Little Mix CD among the haul.

Items found at various treatment sites across the county also include a number of small Christmas trees, which have gathered ‘alternative’ decorations instead of the regular tinsel and baubles.

The campaigns advisor for Yorkshire Water, Matt Thompson, said in the Northern Echo:

“Just because you don’t want Little Mix’s CD, or those socks that Grandma lovingly knitted for you, doesn’t mean that we do.

“While we’re no longer surprised to see unwanted presents coming into our treatment works, it’s always disappointing.

“Our message is simple – anything other than human waste and loo roll has no business in our sewers and we would ask people to do the right thing and make sure they dispose of their rubbish in the correct way, rather than risk blocking our sewers and potentially flooding their own homes with sewage.”

Yorkshire Water is in the process of introducing fat-destroying bacteria into their sewer systems at over 180 sites, which they hope will break down the fat that clogs the county’s sewers.

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