There are many reasons why a person may phone a drain cleaning company in London, but perhaps the most common is due to them having a blocked drain.

Drains can be blocked by many things, from the inadvertent flushing of a non-disposable item down the toilet, to pipe collapse. However, when you contact a professional drain cleaning company they will be able to help with most problems.

Drainage blocked by debris

If your drains are found to be blocked due to debris, the usual method of repair is drain jetting. In this process a jet of water at high pressure is directed down the drain, which is usually enough to break up the clog.

Drainage blocked by roots

If the drainage company find that your drainage pipes are blocked by roots they will be able to insert a spinning root cutter into the drain to trim away any roots they find. They will then usually be able to repair the pipe in situ without any exaction by means of a resin pipe liner.

Drainage blocked by pipe collapse

If your drainage pipe has collapsed or deviated significantly, the drainage company will be able to locate the exact point at which this has happened and then excavate a small area to replace the damaged section, thus minimising disruption to the surrounding area.

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