Not to be confused with the CCTV found on high streets and outside private properties, CCTV surveys in the drainage industry are designed to pinpoint, isolate, and help to rectify blockages and extensive damage which occurs deep underground.

When it comes to drain cleaning in London, drain maintenance, and drainage repairs, CCTV provides professionals with access to the drainage network without needing to dig up the surrounding ground – saving both time and extensive cost. But before we dive into the process and how CCTV surveys work across both private and commercial sites, what are the signs that you might need one of these extensive surveys?

Why might you need a CCTV survey?

Generally, an unattended blockage will continue to build up and expand until it renders a pipe completely blocked. While most customers recognise the signs of a slow draining pipe and can book a cleaning before it causes too much extensive damage, in more extreme cases these pipes become cracked and cannot be flushed with a pressurised jet of water alone.

That’s where CCTV surveys come in. Prior to this service being readily available across London and beyond, customers would have had to pay for the ground around their drainage site to be dug up and for pipes to be inspected manually. The CCTV survey makes it possible for a camera to be fed into the pipe, providing a direct live feed back to the monitor which is being operated by a drain specialist.

The main aim is to identify the issue, isolate its location, and thus provide a much more targeted service in fixing the problem.

What does a CCTV survey involve?

As mentioned above, the CCTV survey connects a small camera to a live feed monitor which provides visual access to the insides of the pipes without needing to dig up any surrounding ground.

Generally, these surveys are commissioned by customers and clients who are concerned about defects within the structures of the pipes themselves, and for whom a standard drain cleaning is not working. The footage captured during a survey can be used to provide and support the request for more comprehensive work and is paired with supporting advice and the costs linked with fixing the problem.

What to do if you aren’t sure whether you need a CCTV survey

A CCTV survey tends to be a last resort option for those who are experiencing drainage issues but for whom a classic drain cleaning service has not worked. If you are experiencing the signs of a blocked drain, for example an unpleasant aroma and slow draining sinks and plugholes, then it is advised that you first engage your local team to perform a professional drain cleaning. If this does not work, a CCTV survey will provide much more information as well as video footage to prove the presence of an extensive blockage or underlying damage within the network (Pipework from 75mm up to 1000mm).

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