Homeowners don’t tend to think about their drainage system and pipe network until something goes wrong. We are all so used to plugholes, flushing toilets, and running water that the concept of the drainage system which lies below the foundation of our property feels alien and completely unknown.

That is, until something goes wrong and suddenly you have to pay to identify, isolate, and resolve the problem.

CCTV surveys in London are among the most requested services from clients who fail to consider the importance of drain maintenance until it’s too late. This is because CCTV surveys are needed when something is wrong within the system, but the issue cannot be identified or located – either due to unseen damage, or a stubborn blockage which cannot be removed with water jetting alone.

In this blog, we consider the difference between a simple blocked drain and a damaged one – and how CCTV surveys help to diagnose the issue.

How do we diagnose a blocked drain?

There are a number of characteristics which can indicate a blocked drain. These include an unpleasant aroma around your sinks and toilet, slow-draining plugholes, a backed up toilet which is taking a while to flush and gurgling in the pipes.

Generally, a blocked drain is caused by a collection of debris, flushed waste, and foreign objects which have become lodged in one of your pipes and have impacted the flow of water through the system. These build ups can be anything from wipes which shouldn’t be flushed, to fat and grease from your kitchen sink, hairs, and other debris.

If you have a blocked drain, a drain cleaning specialist will usually start with a flushing technique using high power and high pressure water jets. These help to break up and flush away any debris. If the problem and symptoms of your blocked drain remains, then this could indicate some further damage to your pipes.

How does a damaged drain occur?

A damaged drain is usually caused by ground movement. This then impacts the flow of water through your pipe network, with the high pressure of the water flow causing cracks to appear in the pipes over time.

A CCTV survey is the best way to isolate and identify an issue like this, as it allows you to use a camera which is fed into the system and accessed remotely via a live feed monitor. This survey is usually followed up with a report and guidance on how best to handle the next steps – whether it be accessing the damaged part of the pipe and replacing it or working on upgrading the entire section of your drainage system.

When to book a CCTV survey

You don’t need to have evidence of a blocked or damaged drain to access drain cleaning or maintenance services. CCTV surveys are recommended when you have evidence of an issue which cannot be solved by a drain cleaning operation – with specialists able to advise on when to book a survey and what to do with the results.

For more information, get in touch with your local drain cleaning team.

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