A manhole on Kempock Street in Gourock was leaking continuously, causing a great deal of upset for local residents.

The sewage was flowing all over the place and locals had to complain to put a stop to this major problem. Kempock Bar was surrounded by a pool of waste including toilet paper.

Alec Kane who works in the bar said that the stench created by the sewage has affected business to a great extent. He went on to say that people walked out of the pub because of it.

He continued by saying that the owner of the bar, James Robertson, has reported the issue to Scottish Water, but it has been almost two months and the issue has not been made better.

Secretary of the Gourock Community Council, Stuart Hunter, said that it is totally unacceptable to walk on the street and have to risk having waste splashing all over you.

Hamish Ramsay who lives on Larkfield Road said that this leakage problem has been ongoing for months. The waste water keeps rising up and down the street.

A spokesperson for Scottish Water said that they will be calling CCTV survey specialists to check if there is a blockage. He apologised for the incident and said that they will do their level best to get the place back to normal.

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