Yorkshire Water’s Doing the Dirty campaign is being championed by none other than Property Ladder presenter and property developer, Sarah Beeny. Beeny has chosen to front the campaign, which is trying to educate those homeowners who continue to dispose to items incorrectly into our drainage system.
Ms Beeny explained:

“Whilst filming programmes I have come across problems caused by residents who have been happily pouring things like fat down their sink without realising the real problems that they could cause to their homes.

“This is why this campaign is so important. People need to realise that their toilets and sinks are not designed to take away this type of material. If they continue to dispose of things in this way they risk causing sometimes devastating damage to their property.”

In order to highlight the problems caused by blocked drainage, the presenter stood waste deep in drainage overspill in a reconstructed kitchen and toilet.

It’s important for homeowners to understand that when they put liquid fats into their drainage system, the fat will solidify and then can cause a blockage. And if the drain is privately owned, they will have to call a drain maintenance expert to rectify the problem.

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