In many drain blockage incidents the blockage will be in an exceptionally hard to reach place. Because of this the drainage experts in London rely on a drain cleaning method known as drain jetting.

Drain jetting can be used to break down and flush away debris found in the drainage system, which can be a contributing factor to a drain blockage. The jetting system works by pressurising water and then delivering it at around 4,000PSI through a small jetting nozzle. This amount of pressure is usually enough to break down even the most stubborn drain clogs.

If drain jetting alone is not capable of removing a blockage, a drainage company may then suggest a CCTV survey of the affected area. A camera is inserted into the drain and fed along the offending pipe. Viewing the images on the surface, the drain cleaners can usually determine the cause of the problem. After the survey the drainage company may suggest a root removal procedure or scale removal, in some instances the pipe may have deviated or be broken, so may require a pipe liner repair.

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