We all love sitting on our patio when the weather is hot. And this year ten UK has seen some really good weather. One of the problems with patios however is that leaf, dust and dirt debris can accumulate on the patio when blown by the wind. This would otherwise mulch down into the soil. In many instances this garden debris can then block any drains in the surrounding area. To keep patios looking good, most homeowners also hose them down to remove this dust and dirt, which further exacerbates the problem as this debris is then washed down the drain.

Blocked drains can be caused by an accumulation of garden debris. When the debris enters the drain, it is not easily washed away and when it accumulates, the drain is easily blocked. Prevention is always better than cure so fitting drain covers over your drains on a patio area is a great idea. These can stop leaves and other garden debris from getting into your drains and hence prevent drain blockages.

If you have a blocked drain that is caused by garden debris, a drain cleaning company can remove the blockage by jetting the drain with a high pressure jet of water. This is quite a quick and simple task and is an effective way to unblock the drain.

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