Marlborough sewage works is undergoing extensive upgrade work to their treatment processing plant to help improve water quality in the river Kennet.

The upgrade of the works is due to be completed early in 2013 and will stop untreated waste entering the Kennet in the event of heavy rainfall. The new scheme has the backing of a community based project called Care for the Kennet which campaigns to look after and improve the river condition.

The Thames Water project manager Richard Lewis is quoted as saying:

“Until now our Care for the Kennet campaign has focused on urging people to use tap water wisely: ‘the less we use the more there’ll be in the river’, and all that.

“As well as continuing to be water-wise, we must also recognise that this upgrade is just as important in achieving our aim of enhancing and safeguarding the long-term environmental health of the iconic River Kennet, its fish and all the bugs, birds and other wildlife that call it home.”

The new works will see the addition of a third storm tank alongside a nitrifying sand filter and the enlargement of the site’s inlet works. The addition of the third storm tank should reduce the chances of sewage entering the Kennet as it will provide additional capacity at times of heavy rainfall.

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