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Regular drain cleaning is one of the most effective ways to keep them free of any blockages, helping to prevent problems.

Blocked drains can be a nightmare to deal with, so keeping your drains clean is essential. Regular cleaning will clear away anything problematic before it can block your drains, nipping any issues in the bud. Here at London Drainage, you’ll find the best experts in drain cleaning London has to offer. Wondering how often you should have your drains cleaned? Then here is everything that you need to know.

Causes of blocked drains

First things first – why do drains become blocked? Well, that’s usually down to fat and other cooking residue. Wet wipes are also a big cause of blocked drains, along with leaves and garden waste that can block outdoor drains. Over time, all of these can build up. Effects of blocked drains include unpleasant smells, leaking roofs, walls or ceilings and damage to electrics and wiring. Understandably you’ll want to do all you can to prevent these!

How often do they need to be cleaned?

The best way of preventing blocked drains is to have them cleaned regularly. So, how often should they be cleaned? Well, no two properties are the same, so it all depends on what they are being used for. Our experienced drain cleaners will fully assess your drains, identifying any risk factors and advising you on how regularly you should have them cleaned. Most often the regularity of required cleaning is between once per month, to every 6 months.

Always call in the professionals

It can be tempting to try and tackle your drains yourself, but it’s a job that we do recommend leaving to the professionals. It can be quite an unpleasant task to take on, and there’s always the risk that you could run into some problems along the way. Our team come fully equipped with all the tools that they need to get the job done quickly, and they’re always prepared for any eventuality. They know how to complete the job safely too.

Invaluable advice

Having your drains cleaned regularly is the best way to prevent blockages, but you should always take care to keep them in great condition between cleaning too. When your professional drain cleaner has finished his work at your home or business premises, they will be able to advise you on how best to take care of your drains – including what you can and can’t put down them! This advice will help you prevent any emergencies.

Invest in regular maintenance

Many of our clients return to us – so why not take out a regular maintenance plan? Regular drain maintenance will ensure that you don’t fall behind on having them cleaned, and you will be able to keep any problems at bay. We get to know each of our clients, and our friendly team will be able to help you draw up a plan that’s perfectly suited to the needs of your property and your budget – you can enjoy clean drains and complete peace of mind.

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