If there were any breakages or blockages in a drainage system, the only solution used to be to completely up dig the affected pipeline to repair or replace it. However, today drainage problems can be easily and quickly fixed with the help of advanced techniques. Modern plumbing equipment and unclogging chemicals have proven to be effective in eliminating problems.

Drains often get blocked because of a build up of oil and grease in the pipes. Thus, for eliminating these build-ups, using modern drain cleaning techniques such as CCTV surveys and high pressure drain jetting is perfect.

Whilst many people think that high pressure drain jetting is simply putting a hose into the drain or sewer pipe, this isn’t the case. It is actually an extremely sophisticated piece of specialised machinery that utilises modern technology to blast high pressure water towards the back of a drain in order to eliminate clogs.

High pressure drain jetting is effective on grease and oil build ups as it melts the layers and then blasts it off, prior to it solidifying again. In the past, cleaning and eliminating these build ups would require days or weeks of work using shovels and picks. However, the task of drain cleaning can now be completed in a matter of minutes with the help of high pressure drain jetting.

If you’re in London, drain jetting is extremely affordable and will have your drains back to their best in no time at all.

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