Drain jetting is perhaps the easiest method in the drain maintenance professional’s arsenal to remove clogged waste matter from blocked drains. Over years of use, drains can become blocked by a number of different waste products. Because we don’t look into drain we can’t see the problem building up until it is too late. Waste water might not flow down the plug hole or the toilet might not flush.

If you have a blocked drain the drain cleaning company will employ different methods to try to remove the blockage. The first and perhaps one of the most effective methods they may use is drain jetting. Using this method a high pressure jet of water is directed down the offending drain. The jet breaks up waste matter and so the drain can flow freely again. If the jet can not remove the blockage the drain maintenance company will use other methods to determine the exact nature of the clog such as a CCTV survey. After the drain survey the drain cleaning company will produce a report with viable options to restore the drain to its full working capacity. Roots might be the cause of the problem or the drain may even have collapsed. Whatever the issue, the drain company will have the solution.

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