Companies across the UK have to make provision for the problems that blocked drains can put on their daily business operations. Areas contaminated with waste water can leave businesses with serious health issues, which will have to be resolved before employees are allowed to re-enter the contaminated area.

Drain maintenance companies offer service contracts so that businesses can rely on an effective drain unblocking solution if a drain were to become blocked. This is especially useful in large cities like London where the drainage system often works at full capacity.

Drainage professional have the latest technology at their disposal should a blockage occur. And if you already have a drain maintenance contract in place, you will be able to rely on the drainage company to attend the problem 24/7. Using the latest drain jetting equipment, which pressurises water up to around 4,000PSI, drainage companies can clear just about any type of drain blockage which may occur.

Other equipment used by drain cleaning professionals in London includes CCTV surveys, rotating coring plant, which can be used to remove roots and scale, and pipe lining technology which can be used to repair pipes which are cracked, broken or deviated.

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