The size of some sewers in Altrincham, Cheshire are set to be increased. Currently, some streets in the town flood at times of heavy rainfall, as the sewers are not large enough to cope. Roads affected include Woodcote Road, Park Road and Manchester Road.

In extreme circumstances the rainwater floods from the sewers into people’s gardens and even into people’s cellars.

Around 15 homes will see a definite benefit from the scheme, as flooding into their cellars should become a thing of the past. Other homes in the region will benefit because the rainwater will no longer flood onto the highway.

The senior project manager, Gary Marsh, stated:

“This scheme will bring peace of mind to families who have had to put up with the misery of sewer flooding.

“Population growth in Altrincham, leading to more houses and businesses, has resulted in more wastewater going into the pipes and fewer permeable surfaces for the rainwater to drain into. Climate change has also led to longer, heavier periods of rain. As a consequence, the old sewers and drains struggled to cope.

“By increasing the size of the sewer pipes we can make sure the network can hold more wastewater, helping to reduce the risk of flooding during rainstorms.”

Residents will be kept up to date regarding when and where the work will take place, however it is expected to be completed by the end of March 2012.

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