London Drainage

DIY vs. Professional Drain Unblocking: Which is Better?

One of the problems with a blocked drain is that the symptoms rarely reveal themselves at a time that you might consider to be convenient. Not only does this make it easy to overlook or forget the issue until the symptoms become more serious but it also means that many homeowners opt for DIY solutions […]

What is the Purpose Behind a Drainage CCTV Survey?

CCTV is commonly associated with surveillance, and with using cameras to track activity in public spaces and around specific areas of note and high importance. A tactic employed by businesses as well as homeowners, CCTV is a security measure which allows the user to see what’s going on via a camera – with the same […]

Everything you Need to Know About CCTV Surveys in the Drainage Industry

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the only CCTV you need to know about in London is the kind that protects residents and stores, as well as businesses and landmarks across the city. However, the kind of CCTV surveys that we’re interested in are far less concerned with what’s going on across the streets of […]

What Does CCTV Have To Do With Drain Unblocking?

It’s time for a fact check blog, this time focussing on our CCTV surveys in London and how we use CCTV not as part of monitoring locations and people but as part of our work in identifying, navigating, and alleviating drain blockages. So many clients come to us wondering why CCTV is one of the […]

A Guide to the Drain Unblocking Process with London Drainage Facilities

Not only does a blocked drain cause a multitude of problems with regard to usage of your at-home or workplace facilities, but if left untreated it can also cause a build up of issues across your entire pipe network. Here at London Drainage Facilities, we specialise in providing an end-to-end service which identifies the root […]

How local contractors London Drainage Facilities can help keep your home running this Christmas

There’s nothing worse than realising that something’s wrong in your home, especially just as Christmas guests are about to arrive. With so much to think about over the festive period, from serving enough food to navigating the jumble of gifts, games, and everyone’s favourite TV Christmas specials, inadequate plumbing is the last thing you want […]

The weirdest things our engineers have found in drains!

What could be lurking in your drains? Unblocking and cleaning drains always throws up a few surprises, but over the years we have made some truly incredible discoveries! As the experts in drain cleaning London property owners trust, we have come across the usual suspects while carrying out our work: blockages caused by wet wipes, […]

Is Electrostatic Cleaning Suitable for Your Workplace?

How it Could Benefit Your Business As leading providers of commercial electrostatic cleaning, we work with a wide range of London businesses. What is electrostatic cleaning, and could it be the right choice for you and your business? Here is how it can be used to great success in the workplace. What is electrostatic cleaning? […]

How to Save Water During a Hosepipe Ban

Changes That You Can Make Today Reducing your water usage can be as simple as making a handful of small changes. Here are our top tips. As the experts in drain unblocking London customers trust, we’re very familiar with how people use water in their properties. How then, can we all refrain from using as […]
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