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Vacuum Tanker Works & Flood Clearance

Flood Water Clearance



LDF can provide Vacuum Tanker Units, along with Industrial Portable Commercial Vacuum Systems to clear overflowing drains and flood water in the event of an emergency.

Jet & Vacuumation Technology

We employ specialist JHL and Kaiser-White units that offer powerful Jet Vacuumation capabilities for a whole range of applications from gully sucking to vacuuming debris from drains, grease traps, soakaways, interceptors and septic tanks.

Our Jet Vacuumation service is suitable for the following situations and more:

Drain Sewer/Cleaning Removing debris from drains and gully’s after jetting stage of cleaning – Often within large diameter pipework
Septic Tanks Routine and emergency emptying of tanks and cesspits
Contaminations The removal of contamination from chambers, petrol seperators and water courses
Pump Station Extraction of solid debris to help with servicing of pumps
Floods High suction capability handles even the most extreme flood situations to enable occupied buildings to keep running

Reduce Your Risk

Time and again, our Jet Vacuumation service has been proven to save people and Companies extreme cost and disruption. Due to the abnormal weather conditions of recent years causing severe flooding in some areas of the country, it’s crucial that drains are kept in optimum condition, clear of all build-up including loose debris and silt.


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