Replace Broken Drainage

When your drain pipework is damaged and beyond repair, we can remove and replace the part of the pipework that is causing issue to help your drainage get back to working at its best. Thanks to our CCTV survey, we can find and identify the issue, so we only have to excavate directly above where the issue is, cutting away the damaged section and attaching the new pipework to the existing pipework.

With our remote CCTV drain survey, we are able to send a camera through your drains to identify the reason behind your drainage issues such as a collapsed, cracked or blocked drain. By directly locating where and what the fault is, we can excavate directly above to minimise disturbance to the area and fix the problem quickly.

Installing New Pipework

We can also install brand new drain pipework to your specifications, whether you need to connect new sections to existing drainage, need to replace the whole system or need a whole new drainage system from scratch. Our experience and knowledge will ensure our installation works in Surrey are done in the safest and most efficient way to stand the test of time and minimise the chance of any issues occurring.

As well as getting your new extension, building or estate on the system, we can also install rodding access, to provide clear access to make it easier to clear blockages that may occur down the line as well as providing useful access for maintenance and surveys.

Excavating Inspection Chambers

Many inspection chambers (manholes) have been sealed down or filled in, a common issue we find which makes access impossible.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we can identify these hidden manhole covers and excavate them or create new inspection chambers if necessary, so there is access available to your drainage system.

By opening up these inspection chambers, it assists in making drainage servicing and inspection much easier to aid with the best possible maintenance of your system for years to come.

Call Us Now For Installation Services in Surrey

After many successful years of working in London, London Drainage Facilities have been able to build and expand our business, so we can serve the surrounding counties outside of the city, meaning we can now provide our installation works in Surrey.

Whether you need our assistance on a new build project, a renovation, extension or need help in completing repairs, we are happy to bring our experience and knowledge to the job. We have the latest and most efficient equipment to help get the job done, whether it’s a small one off project or large scale development.

We serve all sectors including commercial, residential, retail, education, healthcare and local authority and provide clear pricing for our clients, so you know that when you come to us for a quote, we’ll be upfront about the costs.

To get moving on your project or to ask us more about our installation works in Surrey, get in contact and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Is it possible to excavate a manhole?

Yes it is, manholes or inspection chambers as they are also known, help to provide easy access to drainage systems to allow for inspections, surveys, maintenance and repairs. However, it is common to find that many have been covered or sealed down, making them difficult to access.

Our team of trained technicians are experienced in locating and excavating inspection chambers on your property or can help to construct a new one to provide easy access to your drainage system for maintenance and repairs.

If pipework has become damaged or broken, it will need to be replaced to ensure your drainage can work effectively again. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as an invasive tree root, a cracked pipe due to weight or a blockage or the drain can collapse due to age or another issue.

Once a broken drain is discovered, it’s important that it is replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage and to allow your drainage system to work as normal again. Our team of experienced drainage technicians can visit your property and identify exactly where the issue is remotely via a CCTV survey, before excavating directly above it to minimise disruption to your property. We can then remove the broken piece of drain and replace it with the new one to get it working efficiently once again.

Whether you’re building an extension, new building or developing land into a new estate, it is possible to connect this new drainage system to an existing one. We are experienced in this work and our skilful team of technicians can find and replace existing pipework or install new pipework and link it to the existing system to provide efficient drainage.

Our installation works in Surrey are professionally carried out with the latest equipment to ensure we can provide the most efficient solution for you. We can also add elements that you may not have considered such as an inspection chamber or rodding eye points, which help with servicing and maintenance to keep the drainage in the best possible condition.

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