The COVID-19 epidemic has totally changed the way we live and work, and so has the way London Drainage Facilities operates. Throughout the pandemic, we have still been available 24/7 to help with any drainage issues our clients and customers have had with our normal quick and swift response, all whilst adapting to every challenge COVID-19 has provided us, with our top priority being, and remaining, keeping our clients and team members safe and well.

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The world we live in is very different to the one before the pandemic took hold, though some things have stayed the same. People still need their drains unblocked or repaired, and with more of us spending prolonged periods of time at home still, as well as office blocks reopening after periods of no use, drains are under strain and issues that have gone unidentified have begun to show. The last thing anyone could do with right now is more disruption and expense down the line.

It is still completely understandable to be wary of letting people access your property or commercial premises, but we want to reassure you: We are still taking steps beyond that of governmental recommendations to keep our clients and team safe to reduce the possibility of the spread of the virus through our work for you.

Our Emergency Drainage Service COVID-19 Response Team

At the beginning of the pandemic, we were faced with a very real challenge. We needed to enter properties sometimes to successfully complete a job, even if someone was isolating inside.

So we prepared a safe system of work to allow us to enter a property where someone may be isolating safely in order to carry out emergency works. We had two goals: 1) ensure our team did not contract the virus and 2) ensure that once leaving the property, we did not spread the virus. Seems simple but we put some very specific procedures in place to meet these goals.

We put together a team of voluntary superstars who we trained in our specific entry and exit procedures, whilst wearing complete PPE, such as: type ⅚ coveralls, P3 face-fitted masks, wellington steel-toed boots, nitrile gloves, and face shields, armed with disinfectants, all so we could carry out emergency drain repairs safely.

These teams are still in place to carry out emergency drainage services to properties under isolation, whether that be a home or a COVID-19 hospital ward. We are proud to say that we have done over 1000 ‘COVID-19 Entry Jobs’ throughout the pandemic with 0 infections.

We will continue to ask our customers if anyone in the property is isolating so we can send a suitable trained team, so that we can provide our drain repair services efficiently and safely.

What We’re Doing to Stay Safe

We are continuing to work within all current Government Guidelines at all times, so that we can ensure that our staff and our clients are kept safe at all times. We have decided to keep some measures in place for extra-precaution as well. These include:

  • Wearing face covering whilst working indoors.

Some of our engineers are exempt from wearing face coverings, and they have a company card stating so, in these cases our engineers exempt from face covering will maintain a 2 meter social distance where possible.

  • Asking clients to pay by card to avoid any cross-contamination via cash, where possible.
  • Disinfecting vans and tools regularly.

All of our vans and engineers are armed with disinfectant.

  • Our PDA’s let us send a link to your phone, so you can sign off our works without touching our engineer’s PDA, if this is preferable to you.
  • We have returned to the office but continue to use additional measures such as air filtration systems, face coverings and desk divider screens.

Our staff members are always asked to isolate in line with government guidelines and we continue to be extremely accommodating so that financial concerns do not drive those that should be isolating in work when it isn’t safe to do so. This isn’t just for the safety of everyone here at London Drainage, but the safety of all the clients we work for in and around London.

We’ve acted quickly in these unprecedented times and will continue to do so swiftly, so that you can use our services with complete confidence.

How have London Drainage adapted during Coronavirus?

Like all businesses in London, we have been faced with challenges as the Coronavirus pandemic has continued to evolve. We have faced them head on though, and made all the necessary changes to ensure that our clients and team members stay safe in these difficult times. We have supplied our workers with PPE so that they can continue to visit client’s homes, and vans are disinfected each day. We have made changes in our office too. Social distancing is being upheld, and we are thoroughly cleaning our workplace each day too.

It certainly is. With people working from home and spending much more time indoors, it has never been more important to take good care of your drains. If you do suspect that you have a blockage, please don’t be tempted to leave it or tend to it yourself. At best you could make no difference at all, and at worst you could damage your drains or injure yourself.

We are still unblocking drains across London and the Home Counties, and we are taking all necessary safety measures. So please do give us a call if there is something you’re worried about.

Suffering from COVID-19 is a really scary experience for anyone, and the last thing you need when you are feeling unwell is for a drainage problem to develop on your property. If you get in touch with us, we’ll work with you to identify the issue and see if work can be delayed for 14 days. If not, we will get our emergency drainage service COVID 19 team on the case. These highly trained pandemic response experts will be able to attend your property safely and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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