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Leaking pipes are more than just annoying for homeowners and property managers. They can cause costly amounts of damage to the interiors and even to the foundations of a property if left untreated, with even the smallest of leaks creating flood-level waters in no time. Luckily for you, our expert plumbing team are here to help!

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You’ve Spotted an Issue: What Now?

If you suspect that your property has a leak somewhere, the obvious thing to do is to turn off the mains supply of water and prevent the damage from getting worse. But with no access to water from the point of switching it off, this remains a very short-term option.

This is where London Drainage Facilities come in! We are a team of plumbing and drainage specialists who are trained in identifying the cause of damage and repairing it both effectively and efficiently. We also offer the option of providing a new and easily accessible stop cock if future issues arise.

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What causes leaking pipes?

Most people don’t realise quite how complex the plumbing and drainage network is beneath their homes and behind the walls of their property. With so many pipes serving different parts of the home, running from mains water supply into waste systems and to all the taps in the home, the chance of something going wrong every so often is high.

Leaking pipes and broken waste pipes are among some of the leading causes of plumbing and drainage issues in the home, with even the smallest of cracks or damaged pipes wreaking havoc on the entire system.

Ahead of pipe leak repair, diagnosing the cause of the leak is crucial – with some of the most common causes including:

Frozen pipes as a result of very cold weather

A spike in water pressure, creating a crack to appear on the inside of the pipe

Damage from external pressure on the pipe

A clogged pipe caused by a blockage

Wear and tear to old pipework

Pipework corroding

Once we know what’s causing the leak, we can set about repairing it. We have years of plumbing experience to draw upon, and all the necessary tools and techniques to make short work of any leak repairs.


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We’re Here to Help

You will often be able to tell if it’s a water pipe leak or a waste pipe leak, based on other symptoms including the smell and where the water from the leak seems to be collecting. However, we know that our customers are not expert plumbers – which is why, when you call us for help and support, we will have a team on hand with you as soon as possible, regardless of whether you confirm a leaking pipe or not.

Following an initial review of the issue, we will employ our range of leading and innovative techniques to identify, diagnose, and repair the leak as soon as possible.

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Get in Touch

Needless to say, the London Drainage Facilities team will not leave you with no access to water, or with a debilitating leak in your pipe or drainage system. Simply give us a call if you suspect an issue in your property and we will have a member of the team on site as quickly as we can. You can count on our plumbers, no matter the scale or complexity of the issue.