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The UK’s Changing Weather Means You Need to Pay Close Attention to Your Drains

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

How We Can Help

If you are worried how your property would fare in the event of a flood, we can help you to prepare.

The news is full of disastrous floods that have been hitting different parts of the UK – so have you done all that you can to protect your property? As one of the leading providers of drain jetting in London, we are here to help.

Major floods in the UK

The UK has been hit with some devastating floods in recent weeks, and in some areas people have been able to expect even more extreme weather in the coming days and weeks. While things may not be quite that bad in London, it’s a stark reminder that the weather in the UK is changing, and events like these are becoming more and more common. How does this affect your drains, you ask? Well, let’s find out some more.

The importance of functional drains

In the event of severe rainfall, drains are put under a lot of pressure. After all, all of that rainwater needs to run off somewhere, or it is going to keep rising and rising, putting people and property at risk. Now, if your drains are in perfect condition, they should be able to stand up to a lot of rainfall, bar in the most extreme cases. However, if they are clogged with grease, scale, sand and other foreign objects, water won’t be able to run away as freely. This will in turn contribute to flooding on your home or business premises.

Drain jetting could help

If you are worried about the state of your drains and how they would cope in the event of heavy rainfall, then we are here to help. We are one of the leading providers of drain jetting in and around the capital, and we can work on anything from waste pipes to main drains. We use innovative jet and vacuum technology to clear your drains, and will give you all the advice that you need going forward.

Able to work on a range of sites

We’re one of the most in-demand drainage companies for clients in London and the surrounding home counties, and come prepared to work on a wide range of sites. It goes without saying that not a lot of drains are easy to get to – but that won’t deter our intrepid team of engineers! Every one of our jets has been fitted with 100 metres (330 feet) of drain jetting hose. So we will be able to reach even the most awkwardly located blockages, leaving your drains clear.

We’re here when you need us

We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So it doesn’t matter when you experience a problem with your drains, as we will be there to offer a helping hand. We are able to reach most clients within 2 hours, so you won’t be kept waiting long. If you want to prevent any problems from occurring in the future, we do recommend regular drain jetting to stop any blockages from forming.

Prepare for the worst

The best thing you can do before more bad weather hits is to make sure that your drains are in great working order, and we are just a phone call away. We’ll be able to visit you at your earliest convenience, so why not pick up the phone?

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