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How Hard Water Can Damage Drains and Appliances

Friday, February 28th, 2020

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Living and working in a hard water area can cause drainage issues, but that doesn’t mean that your drains are a lost cause.

London is a hard water area – and that can pose real problems for drains. Here at London Drainage, we’re we’ll equipped to help you out with any hard water related issues with services such as our drain surveys. First though, let’s find out a little more about why hard water is such a problem.

What is hard water?

If you run a business or live in London, you don’t need us to tell you that the water in the capital is hard. First of all though – what exactly is hard water? Well, as London and surrounding areas such as Kent have a chalk and limestone geology, the water has high levels of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. This can cause all kinds of problems from dry skin to dandruff – but what we’re more concerned about is how hard water can damage drains and appliances.

Soap scum

One of the main problems with hard water is that it doesn’t break down soap products properly. This is because of the high amount of calcium in the water. So instead of a lather, you end up with soap scum. Soap scum is left on our skin after we bathe – but it also ends up in our drains as well. If there is a large amount of soap scum building up in your drains, it’s a sign that hard water could be starting to cause problems.


Soap scum isn’t the only problem that comes with living and working in a hard water area. Hard water is a leading cause of limescale, which can build up in drains and appliances over time. Excess limescale can lead to blockages and even serious damage as it builds up. Working with domestic and commercial clients all over London, we have seen first hand the damage that limescale can cause when left unchecked.

Our services

Our belief is that it’s always better to try and prevent issues rather than solving them further down the line. Our drain maintenance plans will allow you keep any problems in check – but our CCTV drain surveys are fast becoming a really popular option with our clients too, Using state of the art cameras, we’ll inspect your drains for any problem areas, come up with a solution, and then advise you on how to prevent any problems occurring in the future.

What you can do

You should always leave your drain repairs and maintenance to the professionals, but there are some things you can do yourself. We know how annoying and costly it is to replace appliances damaged by hard water, so be sure to use water filtering devices where you can. There are also a number of cleaning products designed to work with hard water, and using these will help to prevent the build up of soap scum.

Get in touch

If you are worried about the impact of hard water on your home or business, then get in touch today. We have worked with a large number of clients all over London, and will be able to give you the advice and assistance you need.

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