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5 Signs of a Blocked Drain

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

Our Expert Advice

Blocked drains can cause no end of disruption in a home – so get yours fixed as soon as you spot the warning signs.

There are some signs that you should keep an eye (and ears!) out for, as they could be the signs of a blocked drain. If you have a regular maintenance contract with us, then in the majority of cases, we’ll be able to prevent blocked drains on your property – but it’s still worth knowing what the signs of a blocked drain are.

Why drain maintenance is important

As a top London Drainage Company, we are ideally placed to help you manage the ongoing maintenance of your drains. We’ll be able to check your drains for any signs of damage or blockages when it suits you, will be able to stop any problems from escalating, and will offer you advice on how to care for your drains.

Sometimes drain problems can develop quickly though, so it’s important to recognise the five key signs.

Keep an eye on how quickly water drains away

If you notice that water in your sink or bath is draining away slowly, then that could be a sign that one of your drainage pipes is blocked. As the blockage gets bigger, it will reduce the amount of room for liquid to flow through the pipe – and as a result, water will not drain away as quickly.

If you notice a bad smell, have your drains checked

Another common sign of a blocked drain is a strong, unpleasant odour coming from a plughole. A lot of drain blockages are caused by food. As the food breaks down and begins to decompose in the drain, it releases a terrible smell.

A sign you might miss

As a drain becomes more and more blocked, it can start to affect the rest of your property. When water has nowhere else to run, it can begin to seep out of the drain and into the surrounding walls and floors. This is when you may start to notice signs of damp.

A blocked drain can wreak havoc in your bathroom

When you flush your toilet, you may notice that the water continues to rise instead of draining away. This is often always caused by a blockage in the drainage pipe – which is often made up of a combination of wet wipes, toilet paper, and human waste.

Listen carefully for strange noises

Gurgling is another sign that your drains may be blocked. If you notice odd noises coming from your drains, plug holes, toilet, and pipes then it could be a sign that water is not being carried away efficiently. The noise that you hear comes from trapped air in the pipe.

Emergency drain repairs

If you do notice any of these signs, then remember that we are on hand to provide emergency drain repairs when needed. We can reach our London clients in as little as two hours, and we will get to work right away. Our expert team will be able to quickly identify what’s causing the problems in your drain, and they will be able to proceed with the appropriate solution.

Emergency or not, get in touch today

Taking out a drain servicing and maintenance contract is the best way to prevent any problems from occurring. Our one piece of advice right now though? Learn to know what’s normal in your home, as as soon as you spot any signs that ring alarm bells, get in touch with us and we’ll be able to help you out.

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