Looking For Vacuum Tanker Works in Kent? 

Vacuum tankers work to remove unwanted liquid waste by pneumatically sucking the liquid as well as sludges and slurries from their location into a portable tank to be taken elsewhere for disposal at a treatment or disposal site. Everything we take is disposed of responsibly at Environment Agency approved sites with the appropriate paperwork.

We work with JHL and Kaiser-White who use tanks with powerful jet vacuumation capabilities to help clear drainage systems. We can provide Kent vacuum tanker works for a wide range of tasks including drain and sewer cleaning, removal of contaminations, extracting solid debris from pump stations, emptying of septic tanks and to clear flood water.

Whatever your need for vacuum tanker works in Kent, call us now to discuss how we can help you.

Clear Floodwater Efficiently With Kent Vacuum Tanker Works

With increasingly extreme weather over the years, many areas of Kent have seen flooding in recent years. Heavy rain can bring with it overflowing drains and burst riverbanks which can cause damage and flooding to homes and businesses. This damage can be extremely disruptive and dangerous, and it is understandable that you want flood water cleared as soon as possible.

The high suction capability of the vacuum tankers we use mean they can manage the most extreme flood situations to enable buildings to keep running and minimise damage and threat to life. We provide a twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week emergency response so if you are hit by unexpected floods we can help – just call us on 0800 612 2179.

Keep Your Drains in the Best Condition

To help minimise your risk of flooding and drains overflowing, it is essential to keep drains in the best condition, keeping on top of build ups and organising the clearance of loose debris and silt which can block drains over time.

You can book one of our Kent vacuum tanker works for drain and sewer cleaning by using the attached jet to clean the drains and the pump to remove debris from drains and gullies for large diameter pipework. This keeps drains working as efficiently as possible for the future to avoid emergency situations occurring in the future.

Equally, if you are not on a main sewer line, we can assist with ensuring your on-site system such as a septic tank or cesspit is emptied regularly or provide emergency emptying should you need it. It is important to keep on top of drainage to ensure everything is working correctly and that there are no blockages to prevent larger problems occurring down the line.

Call Us Now For Kent Vacuum Tanker Works

If you need to use our services to remove waste or flood water from your property, call us now to book us in on a regular or emergency basis. Our emergency service is available 24/7 and we aim to be with you within two hours.

We provide vacuum tanker works in Kent for both commercial and domestic clients and provide clear pricing for our work, with no hidden fees. Call us now for a free no obligation quote on 0800 612 2179 and we’ll also be happy to answer any questions you might have about our services and what we can offer.

London Drainage Works have operated across London for many years and built up a strong reputation of efficient work from our drainage technicians, this has allowed us to expand our services into the home counties and provide our excellent services to even more people.

What is drain jet vacuumation?

Vacuum tankers and jet vacuumation work by pneumatically sucking liquids, sludges and slurries from one location into a portable tank to be disposed of elsewhere. Think of it as a hoover for water, which provides an efficient way of removing water or waste from somewhere. One common example is their use in clearing overflowing drains or flood water.

It can be used for drain and sewer cleaning, contaminations, septic tanks, pump stations and removing flood water. This can either be routine such as a septic tank or in an emergency such as flooding. We can provide vacuum tanker works in Kent in the event of an emergency and aim to be with you within two hours.

We serve both domestic and commercial clients, so no job is too big or too small for us. We have provided our services for commercial, residential, retail, education, healthcare and local authorities to name a few examples.

We can work with you as a drainage partner on a contractual basis providing regular servicing and maintenance to keep drains in tip top condition and prevent more serious complications occurring or we can work on a one-off or emergency basis. Whoever the client, we aim to provide excellent service every single time with our team of experienced and friendly technicians.

If your property has been the victim of flooding and flood water needs to be removed, we can provide vacuum tanker works in Kent to clear this water from your home or business promptly to allow you to repair and recover.

We aim to help people and businesses avoid extreme costs and disruption from flood water by aiming to clear it as soon as possible. We provide this emergency service 24/7 for any drainage issues that may occur to your premises.

We also advise that people employ our regular servicing and maintenance of drains to ensure they run as efficiently as possible and avoid build-up of loose debris and silt which can make flooding more likely.

Have an emergency? Or looking for a maintenance or quote? Call us today on 0800 612 2179