Act Fast To Replace Broken Drainage

If pipework is damaged beyond repair, our experienced technicians are available to remove and replace damaged drainage systems with brand new pipework to get your system working efficiently again. We can use the latest technology to locate and identify the fault, excavate the pipework and cut away the damaged sections before attaching the new pipework onto the existing one.

We can use our CCTV drain surveys to explore the drainage system and identify the problem such as a collapsed or cracked drain, detailing the issue in a written report identifying the defect and costs to repair. By locating the fault this way, we can excavate directly where the issue is and fix it in situ to protect the structural lining and perform patch repairs.

Installing New Pipework

As well as replacing pipework, we are also able to install brand new pipework to your specifications, helping to connect new sections of drainage to an existing system. It is vital to have this done by experienced drainage technicians to ensure this is done correctly, safely and efficiency to avoid issues down the line.

So whether you are adding an extension or building, we are happy to assist with this service for you and ensure your drainage will work correct when it is all up and running.

We can also install rodding access, which allows direct access to clear any blockages that arise down the line. They are also ideal for drain maintenance and surveying to be carried out from.

Excavating Inspection Chambers

A common issue we come into contact with is that inspection chambers aka manholes have been sealed down or filled in, making access impossible. We are able to locate these hidden manhole covers and help excavate them or construct new chambers if necessary to provide access to a drainage system.

Opening up these areas can be hugely helpful for looking after your drainage servicing and maintenance and provide easily accessible access to the system.

Call London Drainage Facilities for Installation Works in Kent

London Drainage Facilities have been operating across London for many years, building up a reputation as a friendly, reliable, experienced drainage company. Whether you are working on a new build, renovation or much needed repairs, we are happy to provide our services to replace drainage pipework or excavate manholes.

Our experienced technicians have worked across a range of industries including commercial, residential, retail, education, healthcare and local authorities. We are available for small one-off jobs to long term larger contractual jobs – so whether you need us to assist repair and replacement of drainage in your home or on a large scale project such as new housing – we are happy to provide our services.

We provide clear pricing for our clients, so the cost we quote to you is what you pay, there are no hidden surcharges hiding behind our great prices, so you can feel confident about our excellent great value service.

Call us now to discuss the services we can provide, and examples of our installation works in Kent and across London and the south east. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you might have, we’re happy to answer them. No job is too big or too small, so get in touch!

How do you fix a broken drainage system?

If you have discovered you have broken pipework in your drainage system, either from a survey from us or from your own inspection, it is important it is removed and replaced by a professional so that it works efficiently and doesn’t cause further problems down the line.

Our experienced technicians can attend your property or business and excavate, remove and replace the damaged drainage and install new pipework to help fix your drainage system. Our CCTV survey is able to identify and locate the exact position of the damage, to avoid a lengthy excavation process. Call us now to discuss.

Manholes are also known as inspection chambers and provide easy access to drainage systems so that inspections, surveys, maintenance and repairs can be carried out. Nowadays, many have been covered or sealed down, making them difficult to access.

Our trained technicians are able to locate and excavate these manholes or construct a new inspection chamber for better access to your drainage system. By excavating or installing a manhole, you can ensure that regular maintenance can be carried out without damaging the structural integrity of the ground – this is especially ideal for businesses who need fast and safe access to pipework.

New drainage systems can be connected to existing systems for a number of reasons such as an extension to a property, an additional building or a change in use or demand for a piece of land. Our skilled and experienced drainage technicians can find and replace existing pipework or install completely new pipework and link it to the existing system.

We can also introduce useful elements such as an inspection chamber or rodding eye points to assist with servicing and maintenance in the future, as this is much more accessible and much less invasive to the ground and surrounding area.

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