Drainage Contractors in Kent You Can Trust

London Drainage Facilities has built up a reputation as a reliable, professional and an efficient drainage contractor across multiple sites in London and have now expanded their services to the rest of the south east, including Kent.

As drainage contractors in Kent, we can provide installation, servicing and repair of drainage systems across the county for both domestic and commercial clients. As part of a drain servicing and maintenance contract, we can provide regular servicing to ensure your drain is working correctly and prevent and stay on top of build up from dirt and debris, which could create further problems down the line.

Why Should I Invest in Drainage Contractors? 

Particularly for commercial clients, it is important to understand and recognise the need for regular drainage servicing. If drains are heavily used by many people, this puts a lot of pressure on a drainage system and can lead to problems down the line. These problems can be disruptive to a business, therefore is economically sensible to keep on top of maintaining a healthy drainage system.

Equally, if you are responsible for rented accommodation or a residential building, it is essential to be able to prevent large scale problems from happening and creating issues for tenants. As part of our contract service, we will perform regular maintenance as well as unlimited free of charge callouts to the serviced drainage – allowing you to factor this into your overall annual maintenance costs.

Regular servicing and maintenance means any problems can be spotted early and fixed, preventing costlier or emergency repairs. Over time, drains can become blocked with dirt and debris such as cooking fat, hair and non-flushable products which can create issues as they build up.

Reliable Drainage Maintenance

We operate as drainage operators in Kent for a range of industries including commercial, residential, retail, education, healthcare and local authorities. Having a company you can rely on to ensure everything is working efficiently is essential to preventing larger and more disruptive issues springing up.

At London Drainage Facilities, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, efficient work and knowledge of the job in hand. We also are happy to say that we provide structured rates that are simple to understand and don’t contain any hidden surcharges. The price we quote, is the price you pay. When you enquire about a contractor with LDF, we can arrange for one of our surveyors to visit your property as no extra cost to carry out a site inspection and prepare a tailored estimate.

Best of all, we also provide emergency drainage service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. So in the unlikely event something does go wrong, we can be there within two hours to help you any time of the day or night. Nobody should have to be inconvenienced when drainage issues occur – which is why we aim to be with you as soon as we can, with a fully equipped van that contains everything we need to try and fix the problem.

Call London Drainage Facilities Today

If you are looking for new drainage contractors in Kent, look no further. We are happy to provide excellent servicing and maintenance to your property wherever you are based in Kent or whatever industry you are from. Just a quick look at our reviews will show that we offer excellent service to all our customers and we’re happy to help you either on a contractual basis or a one-off emergency. No job is too big or too small.

If you have any questions about what we can offer you and what a maintenance and servicing contract consists of, don’t hesitate to call us and discuss your requirements. We’re more than happy to help and advise you. Call us today on 0800 612 2179 to get a free no-obligation quote for drainage contractors in Kent.

What locations do you cover in the South East?

We provide drainage contractors in Kent, London and across the south east including Sussex, Surrey, Essex, Suffolk and Hertfordshire to name a few. Please feel free to enquire and we are happy to advise if we can cover your area.

We originally operated primarily in London, but thanks to growth and expansion we are happy to widen out our services and serve more people throughout the south east. With a growing team and two offices, one in London and one in Essex, we are able to serve even more people and provide our excellent service to more and more customers!

At London Drainage Facilities, we serve both commercial and domestic clients. We have worked with industries across commercial, residential, retail, education, healthcare and local authorities – working on a range of different projects and challenges. So whether you have programme of work you need to roll out across multiple regions or need urgent help to fix an issue – we can be the partner you can rely on for all your drainage services such as installation, servicing and maintenance as well as emergency repair.

If you do not see your industry listed or would like to talk more about your requirements, don’t hesitate us to call and discuss on 0800 612 2179.

Whilst we encourage you to consider investing in drainage contractors in Kent, we are also available for non-contract work on an ad hoc basis. We work on a wide range of projects of varying sizes from small one-off emergency repairs to long large commercial projects such as general maintenance or installation for construction.

We provide a wide range of services from installation to repair and replacement. We can aid with drain clearing and cleaning, fixing broken pipes, servicing and regular maintenance to fix smaller issues. Call us now to discuss how can we help with your property or project.

Have an emergency? Or looking for a maintenance or quote? Call us today on 0800 612 2179