The Advantage of Regular Drain Maintenance

When drains fail or have issues, it can be hugely disruptive to everyday life and be costly to repair. One of the most effective ways of preventing issues from occurring is with regular maintenance of the drainage system to routinely remove the build-up of scale deposits and flush it through the pipework.

This allows your drains to work as efficiently as possible and not become obstructed to the build-up of blockages in the system. Keeping on top of this reduces the risk of more serious problems occurring down the line.

We can provide drain maintenance in Kent as part of a contract that includes regular drain maintenance as well as unlimited free of charge callouts to all of the serviced drainage. This means you can budget for your drainage costs and work ahead of time.

We’ll arrange for a London Drainage Facilities surveyor to visit your home or business at no extra cost to perform a site inspection and understand the site’s requirements, so we can provide a tailored plan and estimate.

Prevent Build-Up With Our Kent Drain Maintenance Service

An issue we often come into contact with is the build-up of sediment, scale and debris in drains which can cause blockages over time meaning water does not drain properly. As much as you can try to keep on top of it, scale can form at a fast rate, especially in kitchens, urinals, sinks and toilets. Couple this with other culprits such as hair, cooking fat and soap – blockages can occur all too quickly.

We know many people will try to treat this with strong chemicals and sink unblockers, but this just slows the process of it happening as well as causing damage to the structure of the pipes and seals which will lead to the need of pipework replacement down the line. It is also extremely harmful to the environment!

To keep on top of drainage build-up and blockages in the most safe and effective way, we recommend making use of our Kent drain maintenance services.

Drain Maintenance in Kent – What it Consists Of

When you invest in in our drain maintenance Kent service, a service clean is carried out by one of our London Drainage Facilities’ technicians who will use high pressure water jetting or a rotary coring plant to clear any scale. If we do encounter any other issues, our technician will inform you about what works were carried out and what steps can be taken to prevent issues occurring in future.

Our surveyor will be able to recommend the best drain maintenance programme for you based on their findings from their initial assessment.

Call Us Now To Ask About Drain Maintenance in Kent

If you would like to find out more about our drain maintenance services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements or find out more about what we can offer you. We can recommend the best maintenance plan for you based on our initial survey and advise the best ways to reduce the build-up of scale in your drainage system.

Our service is much more efficient and environmentally friendly than home fixes and means you will keep drains in the best possible condition to avoid more severe issues in future. We provide our services for both domestic and commercial clients across industries including residential, retail, education, healthcare and local authorities.

Why should I consider drain maintenance in Kent?

There are many advantages to investing in regular drain maintenance, one of the main is reduce pipe blockage, which can build-up quickly and accumulate which often results in a blocked pipe or sewer or/and a burst pipe. Regularly having drains cleared can mean seeing a noticeable reduction in the number of times you encounter blocked pipes. As well as this, it helps stop bad odours occurring where unwanted waste accumulates and sits.

Best of all, keeping on top of maintenance means you’re less likely to encounter more serious and costly issues down the line, so it really is worth the investment!

If you invest in a contract with London Drainage Facilities, you will benefit from regular drainage maintenance at your home or business, to ensure that the build-up of scale is dealt with and drains are kept clear and working efficiently, meaning less chance of most disruptive and costly issues down the line.

As well as this, you benefit from unlimited free of charge call outs to the drains within the contract so that any issues that do occur between maintenance can be dealt with promptly.

Quotes vary depending on requirements of the client, so get in contact to discuss how we can work with you and to arrange your free of change inspection by one of our surveyors to provide you with an estimate.

As a drainage company, we have built up a reputation as a friendly, reliable, experienced and affordable business that goes above and beyond for our customers. We have built up a strong reputation in London which has allowed us to expand our services out into the home counties including Kent.

We provide our services to both domestic and commercial clients and don’t consider any job too big or too small. All our experienced technicians have fully equipped vans with built in jetting units, drain rods, CCTV drain cameras and more, so we can aim to solve your drainage problems within one visit.

Our drain maintenance service is thorough and aimed at keeping your drainage system is the best possible condition by removing build-up and blockages.

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