Our Drain Cleaning Services in Kent

Over time, debris can build up in drains causing blockages down the line and sometimes even more damage, drain blockages can be disruptive by causing slow drainage or no drainage at all as well as unpleasant smells. Regular drain cleaning of external and internal drains can help prevent these blockages from happening and keeping your drains in the best condition to work effectively. We can provide drain cleaning in Kent on a one-off or regular basis as part of a maintenance package.

Clear Drain Blockages Before They Become A Problem

By investing in drain cleaning before a blockage occurs, you can help prevent disruption further down the line which can be frustrating and usually occurs at the worst possible time!

Our drain cleaning services in Kent allow you to feel confident your drains are working efficiently and are cleared of debris that can build up and block water from draining.

A variety of things can cause drain blockages such as grease and fat being poured down the sink or a build-up of hair in the shower or bath. Even things like soaps and shampoo can build up over time and cause issues or there can simply be a build-up of scale and silt deposits over time.

An increasing issue for causing blocked drains can often be the flushing of wet wipes which can’t break down in the water like toilet tissue would. This has led to ‘fatbergs’ becoming an increasing issue in our nation’s sewers.

Drain Jetting in Kent

One of the ways we can provide drain cleaning in Kent is with drain jetting which uses a high pressure hose that is inserted into the drain and shoots water at a power that is enough to break down the congestion in your drains and break down obstructions into smaller pieces which can push through the drain and sewer before causing a blockage.

This can be done externally and internally in both commercial and domestic premises to ensure drains remain clean and efficient.

Electro-Mechanical Drain Cleaning in Kent

The alternative way of cleaning drains is with an electro-mechanical coring machine which are most commonly used for internal pipes. These are ideal for the removal of hard substances such as uric scale and limescale which can build up over time.

They are also ideal for breaking down capillary tree roots which can often be a menace for drains and need to be treated early before they cause further damage.

Book Now For Drain Cleaning in Kent

Our drain cleaning services in Kent are the best way to help prevent blockages and keep your drains working efficiently. Our drain cleaning usually takes between one to two hours depending on the size and scale of the job. We are happy to provide this service or a one-off or regular basis for our domestic and commercial clients.

We don’t charge for travel to you, so you can feel confident in hiring us from our Essex base to clear drains in Kent, London and the rest of the home counties. Call now or fill out an enquiry form to find out more about our hourly rate prices and comprehensive services. We can’t wait to hear from you, our friendly experienced and qualified technicians are ready to get your drains working as efficiently as possible!

Why should I get my drains cleaned regularly?

Because of the demands of the modern world, drains can quickly build up with blockages such as fat, grease, hair, food, soap and even the odd stray toy! By keeping on top of drain cleaning, you can help prevent more serious blockages down the line which can cause disruption and sometimes damage to your pipes. As well as this, it means you can prevent any unpleasant smells from rotting food or stagnant water that gets trapped in your drains.

To avoid needing an emergency callout, or a nasty surprise down the line, it’s worth investing in regular drain cleaning or drain maintenance to keep everything working smoothly!

We can clear any time of blocked drain with minimal disruption, by using high pressure water jetting or electro-mechanical coring machines, we are able to clear blockages with minimal disruption or the need to dismantle pipes or dig up soil.

If it is suspected there is a bigger issue causing a drain blockage, we can provide a CCTV survey to investigate the cause and provide a full report on DVD and within a comprehensive written report. This can be ideal for investigating a collapsed drain or the level of scale and silt deposits.

One of the most common, yet more preventable, causes of drain blockages are from grease and cooking fat being poured down the drain. While this is convenient, the sticky texture of grease and fat sticks to the inside of pipes and builds up and can cause issues down the line.

Hair is often a common culprit of drain blockages, which is likely to come as no surprise, while this can’t really be helped, it is advisable to try and remove hair from the plug hole after each shower or on a regular basis. You can also get something that attaches to the plug hole and easily collects hair, so it can be easily removed and disposed of.

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