Get To The Route Of The Problem With a Drain CCTV Survey in Kent

If there is an ongoing problem with your drains which is causing blockages, or you suspect you could be dealing with a more serious problem than a standard blockage, a CCTV drain survey could be the best way to explore the issue with minimal disruption.

A CCTV drain survey is a way of being able to examine the condition of your drainage system remotely via a camera system that allows you to explore all aspects and record video footage. These allow our technicians to explore your drainage system without taking apart pipes or digging underground.

These cameras can reach hard to reach places through drains and toilets around trapped gullies and forty-five degree bends to explore the state of your drainage system and avoid any issues such as the build-up of scale, slit and other blockages such as fat, wet wipes, hair and pests.

What You Get From a CCTV Drain Survey in Kent

We use Wincan reporting software which is insurance approved. If the issue is extensive, such as a collapsed drain, we can provide full analysis and detail of the defect as well as still images of it along with an estimate of the costs to repair it. Our CCTV drain surveys come with a full video report via an instant viewing link from Dropbox, as well as comprehensive written document and indicative site plan.

If the issue is simply a maintenance issue such as a build-up of scale and silt and lack of servicing we can clear the blockage with our usual drain unblocking equipment such as high pressure water jetting which uses powerful water flow to break down blockages into smaller pieces to push through into sewers or alternatively our electro-mechanical coring machine to break down blockages and cut through grease, silt, scale and concrete residue.

If you would like to see an example of a CCTV report, we have an example ready to view:

CCTV Survey

Book Your CCTV Survey in Kent

CCTV drain surveys have become the most common way of exploring drainage systems issues because they are far less disruptive to your home and garden and avoiding the need for digging exploration and taking apart pipes in order to explore a problem.

A CCTV survey allows us to pinpoint the problem and identify it, so we can fix it in the localised area to minimise disruption. CCTV surveys are ideal for identifying cracks, fractures, displaced points and root ingress which can cause long term damage to your drainage system.

If you believe there is an issue with your drainage or want to have your home or future home serviced to investigate the state of your drainage system, contact us now to discuss booking us in for a CCTV drain survey in Kent.

Our friendly experienced team of technicians will book in a CCTV survey with you and on the day will come fully equipped with our CCTV survey equipment as well as our draining equipment to unblock a build-up of debris there and then if necessary.

If you’d like to find out more about this service and the other services we offer, call us now or fill in an enquiry form and one of our team will be in touch!

What is a CCTV survey?

When we carry out a drain CCTV survey in Kent, it consists of examining the state of a drainage system remotely by using a camera system or crawlers to explore the drains and identify any issues such as cracks or fractures in the pipes or displaced points as well as blockages such as a build-up of silt or scale, fat or tree root infiltration as well as more extensive issues such as a collapsed drain. It records footage of the exploration and stills can be provided for a closer look at the issue. We also provide a comprehensive report, site plan and estimate for repair.

A CCTV survey is a far less obtrusive way of investigating the drainage system and identifying any issues. Before this technology, it would sometimes require digging up pipes or taking them apart to identify the problem. With this, the issue can be localised and mapped out so only that select area will need to be dug up and fixed or replaced. This means problems can be fixed much quicker and proof can be provided to your insurance company of the issue.

Our thorough report means you can see a video and written report of the exact issue and understand the repair work that needs to be done.

Any number of issues can cause damage to your drainage pipes, sometimes it can simply be wear and tear and the age of the draining system that is causing the issue. Cracks and fractures can occur over time or due to wait and knocks. Sometimes roots can wrap themselves around pipes and damage them or they are interfered with by animals or building work.

Whatever the reason for the damage, the CCTV survey can identify it and a plan can be made to fix it to prevent long term damage and most costly damage and disruption.

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