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A Simple Guide to Cleaning Your Drains

Monday, September 16th, 2019

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It’s so important to keep your drains clean and free of any blockages – and it’s equally important to know when to call in the professionals.

Clean, clear drains are essential to the smooth running of every home or business. Whether your property has a history of drainage problems or not, taking care of your pipework is something that you should focus on. Here at London Drainage, the leading drainage contractors in the capital, we can provide you with all the information that you need to keep your drains clean.

Be careful what you put down them

If you want to keep your drains as clean as possible, then it’s important to take care of them. Don’t pour any oils or cooking fat down the plughole, and place a cover on the plughole in your bath or shower to prevent hairs from forming a blockage. You should also never flush food, sanitary products and harsh chemicals down the drain. In doubt about something? Put in the bin instead!

Keeping them clean

There are many household cleaning staples such as baking soda, soda crystals and vinegar that you can use to keep your drains clean. It’s important not to only clean your drains when you suspect that they may be blocked, but to stick to a regular schedule of cleaning. This will help you to prevent blockages in the first place, saving you time and money further down the line. So don your rubber gloves, and get to work!

Know what’s normal

If you are going to keep your drains clean and free of any blockages, it’s important to be vigilant. Keep an eye out for any unpleasant smells, slow drainage

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