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The Latest Trends in the Drain Cleaning Industry

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Using the Latest Tech to Solve and Prevent Drain Blockages What technology is used to keeping the waste flowing smoothly in the hidden network beneath your feet? With every passing year, population and economic growth are putting increasing pressure and demand on our water resources. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world’s major cities. The problem of waste water and how to deal with it safely and efficiently is particularly noticeable in the world’s capitals, particularly those with less than predictable rainfall, a high population density and a drainage network that was designed in another era. London is a perfect example here, and homes and businesses commonly need the services of drain cleaning contractors to deal with blockages in drains, sewers and underground pipelines that are stretched to capacity. The consequences of a blockage When storm drains become blocked with leaves, gravel and debris, it can cause flooding, inconvenience and even property damage in the event of sudden and sustained rainfall. This is serious in itself, as events in the Midlands last year demonstrated, but when sewage pipes become blocked, inconvenience can swiftly escalate into a health hazard. Sewage needs to flow freely through the network to reach the processing plants where it goes through a complex process of cleaning, filtering and dewatering to ultimately be used for a variety of purposes. A blockage can lead to the kind of scenes witnessed in Cannock over the new year, when the town was brought to a standstill by what one resident colourfully described as a “river of poo” flowing past the supermarket. Old and new technology You have probably seen contractors out clearing blocked drains with rods. It is a method that has been in use for as long as drains have existed, and the faithful set of rods is still the go-to tool for

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How to Source the Best Drain Cleaning Contractors in London

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

Everyone is faced with a blocked drain from time to time. Having an effective contractor to hand will prevent a drama from turning into a crisis. Even if you follow all the rules about what should or should not go down the drain, every homeowner is faced with the occasional blockage. This is particularly the case in London, where the overall infrastructure is close to capacity, and any unusual event, such as a severe weather occurrence, can push things over the edge. If you have water – or worse – backing up out of toilets and sinks, the last thing you need is to waste time on the phone or internet assessing the comparative merits of different drain cleaning contractors. You need someone who you know will sort the problem out professionally, at a reasonable price and, most important of all, quickly. A recommendation speaks volumes In any industry, it is easy for a business to talk about how great it is. What really makes a difference is when it is the customers who are giving the recommendations. Talk to friends and family, or failing that, check the company’s website for client recommendations and testimonials. Blockages happen for all sorts of different reasons, so look for a company that is praised for its problem-solving skills. As a general rule, if they have worked for large companies, they are likely to be reliable and efficient. Check the accreditations Happy customers are a great indicator, but if the regulatory bodies and quality assessors are also smiling, you know you are working with professionals. There is not an accreditation programme for drain cleaning per se, but there are plenty of schemes that are related. These include things like the Safe Contractor scheme, Constructionline and the British Safety Council to mention just a few. Again, check out

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