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Study Reveals Full Extent Of The Wet-Wipe Sewer Crisis

Monday, January 15th, 2018

wet wipesWhy You Should Stick To The Three Ps In 2018

Pee, poo and paper are the only acceptable things to flush down your loo, yet there is a lack of information about the damage that flushing wet wipes can cause. 93% of sewer blockages are caused by wet wipes being flushed down the toilets of domestic properties in the UK. This horrifying information has been revealed as part of a study conducted by Water UK, who are the voice of all major sewerage and water companies operating in the country. The report also highlights the tremendous cost associated with the incorrect disposal of baby wipes, which amounts to £100 million each year. The 300,000 sewer blockages that this money goes toward can all be prevented with some simple and sensible disposal techniques, namely ensuring that homeowners throw their wipes in the bin rather than the toilet. By doing so, the £100 million that is allocated towards fixing the sewer problems could instead go towards enhancing services and even reducing the monthly bill for homeowners.

Three-Pronged Strategy

Water UK emphasises that this problem needs to be tackled from three separate angles: manufacturers, water companies and the general public. There has perhaps been a lack of information delivered to the general public thus far as to the dangers of flushing wet wipes down the toilet rather than using a bin. Although there will undoubtedly be some who are aware they shouldn’t be flushing them but continue to do so, there are others who simply have no clue and end up having to enlist professional drain unblocking services once their actions cause problems with their home plumbing. It is down to the water companies to provide education to residents by establishing an effective campaign that gets

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