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Tower Hamlets Has London’s Biggest Rat Problem

Monday, December 11th, 2017

ratsThe worrying number of rat and other rodent sightings throughout London and especially Tower Hamlets which, at 30,000, has the most reported rodent sightings.

Rat complaints running at over 16 per day in East London borough

A worrying rise of rodent sightings in London generally and Tower Hamlets in particular has been revealed in a report compiled from data received from all of the London boroughs. The report found there had been a total of 186,000 reported rodent sightings throughout the capital’s boroughs in the period 2012 to 2017.

100 sightings per day

The 186,000 reported rat and mice sightings equated to some 100 per day throughout the capital. The densely populated Tower Hamlets, in East London, experienced the highest number of rodent complaints of all 32 boroughs with 30,000 recorded sightings; at an average of 16 per day this accounted for 16% of the overall total. This is quite remarkable when one considers that Havering, the borough with the lowest number of sightings at less than 35, is situated in the east and not so far from Tower Hamlets. Number two on the list, the borough of Brent in north west London, recorded a full 10,000 fewer sightings than Tower Hamlets with nearly 20,000 (just under 11% of the overall total) followed by another north west London borough, Camden, at just over 13,500 - around 7% of the total reported rodent sightings. Boroughs with the lowest numbers of recorded sightings included Hammersmith and Fulham along with Sutton and Kingston all with fewer than 300 with Havering, as mentioned above, the lowest of all with 33 recorded sightings.

The ‘Rat Land’ report

The report, entitled ‘Rat Land,’ was compiled by Conservative London Assembly member Susan Hall who had become concerned at the seeming increase in the capital’s rodent problem. London-based pest

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