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Soho’s 50m Fatberg Breaks Records

Friday, October 27th, 2017

Soho fatbergThe scourge of large fatbergs including the 50 metre monster recently found under the streets in London’s Soho; how they are formed and why they are preventable.

Another huge fatberg in the capital highlights careless disposal habits

Thames Water sewage workers have once again had to work hard under London’s streets to clear a huge fatberg - a congealed mass made up of fat, oil and grease (FOG) bound together with assorted debris including discarded wet wipes. A 50 metre monster weighing the equivalent of two London double decker buses was found underneath Lisle Street in Soho. Workers could only clear it at evenings at weekends as the busy area above is usually thronging with tourists and lorries making deliveries to the multitude of restaurants and other businesses located there.

An ongoing problem

Fatbergs are becoming the scourge of many built up areas, not just London, although the capital has had a series of major FOG build ups over the years. In 2015 a large fatberg under the streets of Chelsea caused £400,000 worth of damage to the sewers, in 2014 a giant the length of a Boeing 747 was found under the streets of Shepherd’s Bush, and in 2013 a 15 ton monster was cleared form sewers in Kingston Upon Thames. While the larger ones make the headlines, smaller build ups are an ongoing and unfortunately ever-present issue for the army of engineers and sewage workers endeavouring to keep London’s sewers clear through drain cleaning and other methods. Another monster the length of two football pitches was found recently under the streets of Whitechapel in East London; CCTV inspections showed it to be totally blocking the sewer making for a very real risk of raw sewage spilling onto the streets. Clearing this and other fatbergs is

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