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Stylish Drainage Solutions

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Effective drainage can also blend into the design of a room or structure

Because of its practical role, drainage might not seem synonymous with style or the aesthetics of a building or room. In reality, there are many examples of stylish and discreet drainage techniques to the point where, for example, some modern bathroom shower drainage grates may not even look like a drainage component, more a stylish embellishment.

Specific Rooms

bathroom drainWhen one thinks of certain rooms such as bathrooms, the traditional circular grate in a shower cubicle or wet room is what many would call to mind as the time honoured drainage method. Nowadays, in keeping with the many different ways of creating a stylish bathroom, there are various types of stylish and discreet drainage structures - some are so well ‘camouflaged’ that at first or even second glance they may not even appear to have anything to do with drainage. Wet room options - there are certain specialists who design a comprehensive range of wet room covers in various shapes and grating configurations; some can even make bespoke versions incorporating logos; ideal for, say, a hotel or country club. It’s even possible to specify wet room covers that illuminate when they come into contact with water, and various materials such as stainless steel and even brass can be chosen.

Outdoor Areas

street drainsOutdoor drainage grates can do a practical job whilst looking stylish, again thanks to various design options such as square or rounded with a multitude of configuration options including bespoke. This offers a practical as well as aesthetic benefit as drainage strips mean level access to doors such as bi-fold types can be achieved without the need for grooved or sunken drainage channels. Some drainage channels can

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