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Researchers warn that London flood risk set to threaten flood re-insurance scheme

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Researchers from The University of Oxford have warned that an increase in building in the capital will put pressure on the government’s new flood insurance scheme, Flood Re. Reduced permeability of the ground could cause a sharp spike in the likelihood of flooding caused by surface runoff. A recent study released last month by university outlined that increased house building in London will put pressure on Flood Re due to increase surface water flooding. The initiative is set to launch in April and is comprised of a 25-year plan that will be enforced by the government to ensure that all households at high risk of flooding, and constructed before 2009, have access to affordable flood insurance. However, researchers warn that as new buildings are commissioned, the catchment of older properties vulnerable to flood risk will increase significantly. It has been suggested that policymakers should adapt the plan to include incentives for the development of urban drainage systems and a greater investment in flood barriers and home pumps. For more information on Flood Re, or how this new initiative is likely to affect you, please contact London Drainage Facilities today.

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Review Your Recent London Drainage Facilities Service via

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

[caption id="attachment_3612" align="alignright" width="279"]London Drainage London Drainage - (March 2016 data)[/caption] Have you recently had a service carried out by London Drainage Facilities? You can now leave feedback on how we did via our page. Your feedback will help us greatly improve our offerings and helps other customers make the right decision. The process is quick and simple. When you click on the link below or to the side to leave a review, you will be asked to ‘Rate us out of 5’ and then leave your feedback in the comments box provided below. All you have to do then is press submit and you will receive a separate email from asking you to verify your comments by entering your Order ID – this is just to prove that you have actually had works carried out by us. Job done!!!! Fraser Ruthven, Head of Marketing & Growth at LDF say’s the software will be a great advertisement of LDFs services to both existing and prospective customers: “Customers will now be able to see our latest reviews as soon as they click onto our main website. I firmly believe what our customers say about us really helps others, who are possibly ‘sitting on the fence’, when selecting their drainage contractor to work with. “The reviews that you will see are recent and refreshed regularly so are an accurate reflection of the company as we continue to expand our capabilities and resources”. Please leave your service review today – Thank you for your help from everyone at LDF:

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