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Report Says 24,000 Homes in London are at Risk of River Flooding

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Tens of thousands of properties are at a high risk or medium risk of flooding, as the effects of climate change lead to wetter winters. The thought of a flooding crisis conjures up horrible images – ruined houses, temporarily homeless residents, streets gushing with dark, murky water – a disastrous situation which has led authorities to implement increased flooding prevention controls in recent years. A new London Assembly report has stated, however, that around 24,000 London properties are currently at a high risk of river flooding. Although there are currently plans in place to deal with a flooding situation in London, only about ten thousand at-risk properties would be protected by such precautions, leaving many in a precarious position. With the report warning of a further increase in the likelihood of river flooding, over 140,000 London residents are now considered to be at a high risk of surface water flooding. But how can local authorities look to solve such a potentially damaging problem? The Flood Risks in London report concludes that the solution is to firstly implement a system of sustainable drainage, and secondly, to invest in river restoration. The Problem – Climate Change: The key reason for the increased risk of river flooding is said to be climate change. The Flood Risks in London report stated that the effects of climate change would likely lead to drier summers and wetter winters, which in Southern England could lead to rivers overflowing their banks, particularly in and around the capital. Officials of the Environment Committee, which sits in the London Assembly, have stressed that although those around the Thames are at risk, the problem extends much further. Smaller rivers which eventually flow into the Thames are also likely to be susceptible to flooding, putting those for miles around in the danger zone, many of

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London Drainage Facilities sign-up to Builder’s Profile

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

London Drainage Facilities (LDF) has recently joined forces with Builder’s Profile, a web based subscription service that provides a standardised way for main contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to collaborate and share essential pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) information. The construction industry depends upon its suppliers with more private sector companies and all public sector concerns requiring formal pre-qualification of subcontractors. This has meant a different PQQ from virtually every main contractor… and costly, repetitive, time-consuming overheads for subcontractors to complete, submit and maintain their information. For LDF, the company really knows the time, cost and repetitive pain of completing, submitting and maintaining multiple PQQs – Builder’s Profile solves these problems. LDF use a simple ‘complete once, share many times’ web-based platform which makes form-filling simple, and keeping information up-to-date easy. More importantly, LDF is immediately visible to any main contractor researching suppliers who are affiliated with the Builder’s Profile service. Fraser Ruthven, Head of Marketing & Growth at LDF, said: “Being part of Builder’s Profile addresses the cost and complexity problems of multiple PQQs. It is the simplest, quickest and lowest-overhead platform for main contractors and sub-contractors i.e. us, to share and maintain standards-based PQQ information. What’s more, at LDF we have tapped into the opportunity of using Builder’s Profile as a valuable marketing tool, targeting main contractors to work with moving forward as we continue to expand the company and grow all areas of our service range”. More information on Builder’s Profile can be found here.

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