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LDF to continue servicing the capital’s drains throughout the festive period

Friday, December 19th, 2014

The team at London Drainage Facilities will be on call throughout the holidays to handle blocked drains and continue offering all manner of drainage services to businesses and homeowners throughout London. LONDON, ENGLAND, NOVEMBER 2014 The team at London Drainage Facilities (LDF) loves the holidays as much as the rest of the UK, but time waits for no-one when it comes to unblocking and servicing drainage systems. With this in mind, LDF have announced that LDF technicians will be on call 24/7 across Christmas and the New Year to attend to any unforeseen drainage problems in the city. Whether they need help unblocking their drain network, or simply want to discuss a contract, clients will be able to call upon LDF 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And, unlike many of its competitors, LDF’s emergency engineers will even be working on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Danny Fuller, Managing Director, believes that this move demonstrates his company’s unwavering commitment to its clients, while Fraser Ruthven, Growth and Strategy Manager, is adamant that it’s “just not possible to close the company at such a crucial time of year”. “Drainage problems can occur at any time,” he says. “Even drains that typically perform very well can be adversely affected by cold weather conditions or unexpected blockages, and it’s vital that these issues are dealt with quickly to avoid further damage to the system. “The last thing our clients need while they’re trying to relax with their family and friends is a drainage disaster,” he adds. “We will be ensuring that our average emergency call-out response time remains at approximately 2 hours to ensure that our technicians are able to reach those in need as quickly as they can to assess the problem and implement a solution.” Situated just off the M25, London Drainage Facilities is in

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Everything you Need to Know about the Thames Tideway Tunnel

Monday, December 8th, 2014

We explore the reasons behind the launch of this project and how it is going to help London on a vast scale. With the population of London growing at a staggering rate each year, the current sewer system just isn’t coping and is no longer fit for purpose. This has resulted in an enormous amount of sewerage overflowing into the Thames each and every day. The London sewerage system that we use today was built in 1858 when the population of London was 2 million, and the man behind the design was Sir Joseph Bazalgette, who had predicted that his sewers could manage a population of up to 4 million. Since then, the original number has quadrupled and we now stand at a population of 8 million people. The River Thames is suffering hugely as a consequence. The Plan Authorities have developed a solution to this problem and believe it is going to suffice for at least another 100 years. It has taken over a decade of studying and analysing the problems to come up with the most cost-effective and timely plan of action, which has come in the form of the Thames Tideway Tunnel. The route of the tunnel will begin in West London and follow the River Thames all the way to Limehouse. It will then divert towards Abbey Mills Pumping Station where it will connect to Lee Tunnel and transfer to Beckton Sewage Treatment Works. This huge project is said to start in 2016 and take 7 years to complete; expected costs were at £4.2 billion in 2011, but further cost predictions have not been released. The Benefits There are countless benefits to the new Thames Tideway Tunnel. It will improve everything from the environment and public health to reputation, ecology and the overall long-term economy of the capital. There will be

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