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London Drainage Facilities Drainage Maintenance Programme with Active Newham is still proving a success 6 months on!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

London Drainage Facilities (LDF) has been working in partnership with Active Newham to deliver its drainage maintenance service to 3 of its leisure centres in the London Borough of Newham since April 2014. With 2 more of their sites being taken on board requiring a drainage maintenance programme to be put together, something clearly must be working! LONDON, ENGLAND, SEPTEMBER 2014 From April 1, Active Newham instructed LDF to take over the monthly maintenance to all of its leisure centre’s internal and external drainage systems, including servicing all toilets, sinks, urinals, rainwater stack pipes, guttering, acco channel and car park areas. In the past, Active Newham’s leisure centres have been hit with several instances of blocked toilets and sinks. From experience, LDF knows the only true way of successfully maintaining a drainage system is to routinely remove scale/silt deposits and flush through the pipework. With the company’s mission to encourage people to be more active in their local community, it was imperative their facilities remained fully open at all times to meet the needs of their customers – LDF's drain maintenance programme was the answer. Fraser Ruthven, Growth & Strategy Manager at LDF, said: “By taking advantage of a LDF Service Plan, Active Newham have bought peace of mind, knowing their drainage system is operating at maximum flow capacity at all times, minimising the risk of disruptive and avoidable blockages and floods to their sites. It is a great partnership we share with Active Newham and long may it continue. Mark Bell, Managing Director at Active Newham added: “With LDF's drain maintenance programme it includes unlimited free-of-charge callouts to all serviced drainage as well as peace of mind which comes with knowing our annual for drainage work. LDF has provided an excellent service to us so far, which is exactly what we needed. We were having

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15 Tonne Fatberg Could Have Left Kingston Home’s Flooded with Raw Sewerage

Monday, September 8th, 2014

A 15 tonne fatberg was discovered under the streets of the London borough of Kingston-upon-Thames last month after residents in the area had complained about their toilets not flushing. The huge blockage has taken 3 weeks to remove, and is thought to be one of the largest fatbergs in London’s history. What is a Fatberg? A fatberg refers to a huge lump of congealed fat, wet wipes, sanitary items and other non-biodegradable items that are found in the sewer systems after having been flushed down the drains of London homes. This now infamous fatberg has been reported to have blocked a massive 95% of a 2.4 diameter brick sewer pipe. It was eventually removed 3 weeks later by a team of drainage professionals who had to work in a toxic and foul-smelling environment to remove the monstrous fatty blockage. Careless Disposal Water and sewerage companies have express their increasing concern about how often fatbergs are being discovered in London’s sewers. London is full to the brim of food businesses, which use one of the highest amounts of oil in the country, thought to reach up to 44 million litres per year. Most of the fat is being carelessly disposed of and being poured down London drains and, when added to the high percentage of people flushing wet wipes and sanitary items, the problem is only going to get bigger. Remember Bin it - Don’t Block it It is important to remember to avoid pouring fat down the drain and not to flush non-biodegradable items down the toilet. Information on the packaging will always state whether the item can be flushed down the loo or not. This does not only prevent the community from encountering sewerage problems, but can stop you from having to pay out a lot of money for a plumber for your

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