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London Drainage Facilities’ Announces New Services Portfolio

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

London Drainage Facilities (LDF), one of London’s leading providers of planned, emergency and drain repair services, today announced a new look to their service portfolio designed to ensure customer satisfaction, increase uptake on their drainage services and help customers make the best possible decision for their drainage requirements. LONDON, ENGLAND, AUGUST 2014 LDF now provides 11 different service offerings, including drainage maintenance programmes, CCTV surveys and drain repairs that help to ensure the optimal performance of LDF’s engineers on the road. Some of the key features of this move include greater customer support, sharing best practice and knowledge, and more. This move has also seen the introduction of a new Live Online Chat Help function to ably assist customers with any queries they may have there and then. Expanding on LDFs existing services, LDF have recently seen the introduction of a new vacuum tanker works and flood clearance service hit the ground running. LDF can provide vacuum tanker units, along with industrial portable commercial vacuum systems to clear flood water in the event of an emergency to a whole range of applications from gully sucking to vacuuming debris from drains, grease traps, soakaways, interceptors and septic tanks. LDF offer a wide range of drainage services and options to assist partners and customers with their unique reqirments. Danny Fuller, LDF’s Managing Director said: “We are dedicated to offering the best service in the industry and our new expanded offering is a key part of that commitment. We believe by providing our customers with the option to choose the best possible drainage service for them will contribute to both LDF and our customer’s mutual success.” Click here to discover more about our new services!

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Thunder and Lightning Storms: What They Mean for Your Drainage System

Friday, August 8th, 2014

The summer has been undoubtedly beautiful for the UK this year, but remember, this is Britain, and we don’t get off that easily! The rising temperatures and humidity have been followed by freak storms and flash floods that have caused mayhem in some parts of the country. Identifying Problems Caused by Mother Nature This lovely weather, combined with heavy downpours, creates the perfect environment for your flourishing flowers and thriving trees, yet the speedy growth of the roots can cause a problem for your underground drains. The power of Mother Nature means that these roots can penetrate your drains, causing them to crack, leak and become blocked. Unfortunately, when these types of blockages and problems occur, the only way to pinpoint their exact location is with a CCTV camera. Depending on where the problem is, the property owner may be accountable for the clearance of the blockage or the local water company may in fact be responsible. If you believe that you have a blockage in one of your drains, contact your water company who will then determine who is liable to pay for clearance. Dealing with Blockages A big storm often brings with it a large amount of rain. This incredibly heavy rainfall can cause the moss on the rooftops of properties to come away from the tiles and fall into the external drains. The moss then blocks the drains, reducing the amount of water than can flow freely away from properties, and this in turn causes floods. Floods can have disastrously detrimental effects on people’s homes, causing significant amount of damage as well as creating foul-smelling odours for residents. It is possible in some cases to limit the effects of blockages caused by leaves and moss. It is a good idea to check your external drains on a regular basis, as this will reduce

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